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States With Best NYSC Orientation Camp to Serve in Nigeria

Looking for the states with the best NYSC orientation camp and the best states to serve in Nigeria?.

Every graduate in Nigeria would love to serve his/her fatherland, one thing most corp members focus on nowadays is the 33k which would be paid monthly by the federal government even though there are other importance of NYSC.

The NYSC service year comes with lots of fun and entertainment most especially during the festivals in the NYSC orientation camp where lots of activities are being carried out.

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The NYSC call up letter comes with Joy as it is the letter that calls you to serve your fatherland just like when England players are selected to play for the English national team; we all know the rise in adrenaline when this letter comes out and you are being shortlisted.

However, the joy of going to NYSC orientation camp has left many in a situation where they forget the things to take to NYSC Camp, therefore leaving them stranded on reaching there.

Another tragedy you could face as a corp member is being posted in a state that is disgusting, a state where nothing dwells there but hardship and suffering.

Before now, people were posted to random states, but now things have changed in recent years as the Federal government has made it possible to select the state where you want to serve. You can now choose up to 3 states you wish to serve while processing the registration

NYSC can provide you with an exciting experience, only if you choose one of the best states to serve in Nigeria.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Place For NYSC Service

We have taken note of the six important factors before deciding a state is good for service. Those factors are;

  • Availability of job & business opportunities
  • Monthly stipends by State Government
  • Fun, cruise & liveliness
  • Adequate Security
  • Cost of living and accommodation
  • Beautiful ladies lol…

Nobody would like to serve in a state that is not well secured, a place where thieves will attack you anytime anywhere. Neither would I want to serve in a state where there would be no light and living will be at a high cost.

In summary, good security, cruise, good monthly stipends, and nevertheless, beautiful ladies walking around is all that matters

Now that you know the factors we’re judging by…let’s start.

Update: NYSC No longer gives potential corp members the option to select their preferred states

States With Best NYSC Orientation Camps to Serve in Nigeria

State With Best NYSC Camp in Nigeria

We have worked so hard to research and also interview those who have gone for their NYSC service before coming up with this list. The states provided here are not based on assumption but on experience.

Having understood that, let’s quickly look at States with the best NYSC orientation camp to serve in Nigeria

1. Lagos State

Lagos State is one of the best states to serve in Nigeria.

Its orientation camp is one of the best in the country. Aside from the fact that Lagos city is the most developed city in Nigeria, if you’re capable of harnessing the human resources present in Lagos, you can along with your service year make money from side hustles or businesses.

If you’ve been wondering where to start after completing your mandatory 1 year of service, then Lagos can provide answers to most of your questions. It is home & headquarters to most of the finest companies in Nigeria including telecommunication giants, food companies, research institutes, etc.

In simple terms, you can start submitting your CVs early enough so as to stand better chances of getting called up for interviews during the final months of your service year.

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Another factor we have considered to list Lagos among the most educated states in Nigeria is that it is also one of the few states that pay good monthly stipends to Corp members serving in state-owned agencies.

The major concern of serving in Lagos is the high cost of living and accommodation, if you are coming from a poor background with no relative in Lagos to stay with then I suggest you shouldn’t make Lagos your choice of service

2. Ogun State

It is surprising that Ogun state is found on this list. The is one of the fastest developing states in Nigeria; and its closeness to Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos, has played an important role in this. Whatever opportunities are in Lagos, anyone serving in Ogun State can also tap from them.

I don’t want it to sound like Ogun is in this list only because of its closeness to Lagos. The state is also home to some of the biggest companies and factories in Nigeria.

And corp members get paid a monthly stipend of ₦5,000; which is much better than what many other states pay.

3. FCT Abuja

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria… and it’s not possible to list good places to serve without mentioning Abuja. It is not really a state, and that’s why it’s actually the 11th and last location on my list. The city provides its corp members with several job opportunities in NGOs, ministries, private firms, etc. If you know your way in Abuja, you won’t end your service year before you find a job.

In conclusion, make sure you complete your registration very early in order to choose one of the states above. Notwithstanding, wherever you’re posted shouldn’t matter. Just make sure you add positive value to the people you meet irrespective of your location.

4. Osun State

If you’re a peace-loving individual, of which I’m sure you are, then Osun State is one of the most peaceful states serve in Nigeria. Aside from the fact that Osun is a peaceful state, Corp members get paid a monthly state allawee of ₦5,000 which makes it all the more fun, since the cost of living is very low (Food and accommodation are very cheap in Osun).

5. Anambra State

Anambra state is one of the finest states to serve in Nigeria. What made it popular was its ₦10K monthly stipends to corp members before the stipend was later cut short leaving many disappointed

Anambra state pays corp members serving in state-owned organizations a monthly stipend of about ₦8,250. Adding that to your federal allawee will cover a lot of expenses.

Aside from the monthly stipends, which have made it convincing for Anambra State to be included in this list, it is home to one of Nigeria’s biggest commercial cities… the city of Onitsha. If you’re a business-minded person, you can start spotting opportunities during your service year.

Nevertheless, Anambra state is one state with the best orientation camp in eastern Nigeria.

6. Enugu State

Enugu state is a place of comfort, cruise, and fun. The state is one of the best to serve in Nigeria also considering the cost of living there is very affordable and accommodation is always available at low cost

It is also a place for fun lovers. However, similar to top cities in Nigeria, the cost of living is quite high and the monthly state allowance corp members previously enjoyed has been slashed by a great deal.

Because Enugu state is a rocky region, one major challenge you could face here as a corp member is the issue of water scarcity as wells and boreholes are always dried up but the good news is that this challenge is only limited to some areas.

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7. Akwa Ibom State

Previously corp members serving in Akwa Ibom earned a monthly state allowance of ₦10,000. That figure has, however, been slashed down to just ₦4,900.

Considering the sweetness of the major towns in the state, one must admit it is still a place to be. The people of Akwa Ibom are highly hospitable and happen to love corp members a lot.

8. Cross River State

Cross River state is home to the Efik people who are known to have some of the best local dishes in Nigeria. Its capital city, Calabar, is also one of the most fun places to be in Nigeria. Just pray and hope you get posted to Calabar, though.

Another positive thing to note is that corp members serving in Government parastatals earn ₦5,000 per month from the state government.

9. Rivers State

Port Harcourt which happens to be the capital city of River State which is regarded as one of the finest and most renowned cities in the country. This is because Rivers State offers lots of business opportunities which many of which happens to come from Port Harcourt especially.

According to reports reaching us, the state doesn’t pay corp members serving with state-owned institutions, schools or ministries. Nevertheless, the job opportunities in the city of Port Harcourt makes the inclusion of Rivers State a must.

10. Ekiti State

Ekiti state is underrated but never to be written off. It is obvious that people don’t give much attention to it while choosing a place of service but I bet you Ekiti state is good.

The cost of living in Ekiti is very encouraging, with ₦5,000 you can be able to live well for at least a month (Provided you have foodstuffs already).

Furthermore, the cost of accommodation is very cheap as you can get a good self to contain apartment for around 40 to 60k and live in comfort.

You can also get a plate of food (rice and beans) for as low as ₦250 only, making it possible to save money for other monetary demands

Lastly, If you can afford a self contain apartment for yourself, a one-room apartment goes for about ₦20,000 to ₦40,000 which is still very okay.

Highest Paying States For NYSC (2021)

NYSC highest Paying States

Below are some of the highest paying states for the National Youth Service Corps

Akwa Ibom ₦20,000

Lagos State ₦15,000

Ebonyi State ₦10,000

Sokoto State ₦4,000 and ₦9,000 to those serving is hospitals

Niger State ₦6,000

Ogun State ₦5,000

Ekiti State ₦5,000

Abia State ₦4,000

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Conclusion: States With Best NYSC Orientation Camp To Serve in Nigeria

In conclusion, these are our selected States with best NYSC orientation camp to serve in Nigeria. If you feel there is another worthy of recognition state that should make the list kindly let us know in the comment box

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