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NYSC-Approved Universities in Benin Republic 2024

Do you wish to find a list of the Universities in the Benin Republic that are NYSC-approved in Nigeria?

Many young Nigerians have long desired to continue their studies overseas. Several of them travel great distances to attend education in nearby countries like the Benin Republic.

They do this for a variety of reasons. One such reason is the uncontrollable strikes that are taking place in the majority of Nigerian universities.

When you can enrol in many of these foreign universities, why waste time getting ready for Nigerian universities?

List of NYSC-Approved Universities in Benin Republic

List of NYSC-Approved Universities in Benin Republic

The complete list of NUC and NYSC-accredited schools in the Benin Republic is compiled in this article. The article also contains further details about these colleges, such as their admission standards and list of programs. Go on to the next paragraph to continue reading.

1. Weldios University

Weldios University was established by a community of business and management scholars. These experts were motivated to create a global, competency-based management schooling system.

This system is made to offer a variety of solutions to meet the changing demands of organizations and governments functioning in various political and economic systems.

There are multiple Weldios University branches in the Benin Republic, some of which specialize in health science, others in engineering programs, and others in the humanities and social sciences.

2. IRGIB AFRICA University

The Regional Institute of Industrial Engineering, Biotechnology, and Applied Sciences, or IRGIB AFRICA, comes next on our list. The objective of the university is to pursue excellence together with which they place us in the interests of the development of Africa.

The university IRGIB AFRICA is entirely accredited. The NUC has certified the institution and it is known internationally.

IRGIB-Africa aspires to support the advancement of research and excellence in scientific, technological, and economic development, much like all prestigious universities.

3. ESAE University

Every program offered by ESAE University Benin Republic is accredited, and the federal government of the Republic of Bénin has granted the institution complete legal authorization and licensing. Nigeria and the West African area as a whole also acknowledge it.

A higher education institution must first function for at least two to a few years before meeting all accreditation requirements for the Republic of Benin. The school can now confer associate, bachelor’s, master’s, specialist, and doctorate degrees with full accreditation.

4. ESTAM University

Students at ESTAM University come from a variety of origins, opinions, experiences, and cultures. Their student body included people from Nigeria, the Republic of Benin, Africa, and other countries. There are currently around 1,500 foreign students from 71 different nations.

With limited financial resources, the university makes every effort to help qualified Nigerian undergraduate applicants.

The Office of International Programs at Le Citoyen University encourages the enrollment of overseas students through direct enrollment and exchange initiatives.

5. HEGT University

The HEGT College works with a variety of business owners, professional organisations, and practitioners to prepare. After completing their program, students are ready to start businesses that can completely transform their industries.

The Benin Republic’s capital city of Cotonou is where HEGT University is situated. In addition, the institution offers a wide range of opportunities thanks to its domestic and international partners. All of these programs support their students’ professional integration.

IFATOSS University\sInstitut Des Formations Avancees (I-FATOSS University) is a bilingual university (French and English). The university has a distinctive ideology that emphasizes the development of countries through a profound comprehension of the content of higher education.

The school is prepared to give its ideas life and flesh in the actual world. It describes how the apprenticeship model approach is used in her curriculum and instructional pedagogy to achieve its full manifestation.

6. West African Union University

The story of West African Union University (WAUU), Cotonou seems to be more spectacular. It starts out with a less impressive history as an elite tutorial facility. This was the scene of a small group’s activity as it took on the obligation of offering young people well-structured tutoring services.

Those that participated in the tutorial program were able to succeed on national exams including the WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB.

7. ISCOM University

ISCOM University is a mission-driven institution that generates graduates with exceptional skills and social relevance. These graduates then use their understanding of science to address issues in technology and society.

The University is equally dedicated to developing students into knowledgeable thinkers, creative managers, and resourceful technocrats in all fields of study.

8. ESEP University

The idea of ESEP Le-Berger is an independent Africa. It seeks to produce graduates who will be useful in the difficult societal transformations that are taking place.

They want to do this by incorporating science, education, and culture into current teaching. They also strive to achieve the knowledge, research, and community service pillars that make up the ideal university.

9. IUMA University

Future Professions Institute at the University IUMA is a for-profit institution of higher learning that has received formal approval from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This institution tops the list of Benin Republic universities that have received NYSC approval.

10. Hill City University

Hill-City University was originally established by the Brothers of Christian Instruction and Inspiration. This is a vibrant, expanding university with a clear vision.

The University in the Benin Republic has received approval and accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology. The institution is officially licensed as Institut Superieur HCUB (Hill-City University Benin).

That’s a wrap for NYSC-approved universities in Benin Republic

Admission Requirements into Universities in Benin Republic

The following are the conditions you must meet before being accepted to study at any of the universities in the Benin Republic:

You must have earned five credits in topics that are relevant to the planned course of study. These scores must be earned in a maximum of two sittings in one of the WAEC, NECO, BAC, NABTEB, or similar exams.

  • Four certified copies of the birth certificate
  • Four passport photographs
  • Four copies of the international passport data page. {Not compulsory}
  • Entrance application fee
  • Students travel to the Republic of Benin for academic purposes each semester and annually. The Nigeria University Commission has approved and recognized a wide range of additional courses.
  • Candidates must have their results from their O’levels in order to enrol in classes in the Benin Republic.

Benefits of Studying in the Republic of Benin

The following are additional advantages of attending any of the approved universities in the Benin Republic.

  • The ability to speak French is an extra benefit.
  • Students can gain admission to universities in the Benin Republic without taking the JAMB.
  • The BSc program offered by institutions in the Benin Republic is brief (three years) and strike-free.
  • No JAMB examinations are required
  • The school did not host any Post-UTME exams.
  • There are no entrance exams
  • Universities in the Benin Republic offer French universities bilateral exchange programs.

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Conclusion: NYSC-Approved Universities in Benin Republic

It can be difficult to go to faraway countries. The advantages of receiving a quality education at foreign universities and expanding your horizons, however, help put the challenges into perspective.

Students from all over the world are welcome to enrol in the higher education institutions in the Benin Republic. Enrol at one of these institutions to receive the best training for your NYSC youth service.

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