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Everything About NYSC Certificate Number And Verification

Just Like WAEC, NECO, and other certificates have their own unique number, the NYSC certificate also has its own number boldly written on it.

But what exactly does NYSC certificate number represents?.

Having discussed the Full meaning and Importance of NYSC, this post will provide you with first-class information about what NYSC certificate is all about, how to verify and figure out any fake NYSC certificate.

What is NYSC Certificate Number?

The NYSC certificate is a unique and bold written number at the top-right corner of each NYSC certificate just below the year in which the certificate holder has served.

The certificate number is different from the call-up number as it starts with A00 and follows with a 7 digit number.

The NYSC Certificate Number is otherwise known as Discharge Number, It is used to identify which certificate is fake and which is not.

below is a sample of the NYSC certificate with its number at the top right corner

Sample of NYSC Certificate Number

National Youth Service Corps Certificate Verification

In recent years there has been an increasing rate of forgery of NYSC certificates which has gained the attention of the NYSC body.

Recently, there has been circulation of fake NYSC discharge certificates, certificates of exemption, and exclusion letters. people use these certificates as a way of getting Jobs or acquiring other favorable opportunities that benefits them.

However, the increasing rate of forgery demanded quick action from the NYSC body and it is on this note that the scheme brought up a means of verifying original and fake NYSC certificates to curb this illegal activity.

How To Verify N.Y.S.C Certificate Number

NYSC Certificate Number

There are two major ways to verify your NYSC discharge certificate number, Manually and online.

Below is a guideline on how to verify NYSC certificate numbers manually

Step 1

The first action you should take in verifying your NYSC certificate is to write a letter of request and should be addressed to

“Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Directorate Headquarters, Plot 416, Tigris Crescent, Maitama, Abuja.”

Step 2

When writing, the head of the letter must be marked “Attention: Director (Corps Certification)”
Step 3
You can proceed and make photocopies of every single certificate you intend to verify. You can number them serially with a pen or marker and attach them to the letter.
Below are the only certificates produced and verified by the National Youth Service Corps:
  • Certificate of National Service
  • Letter of Exclusion
  • Certificate of Exemption

Step 3

While filling the form ensure to include the following because they are very important
  • Your personal Email address
  • Residential Address
  • Phone Number

Lastly, take the letter and submit it to the office of Director-General’s Registry on the sixth floor of the National Youth Service Corps Headquarters complex, Yakubu Gowon House.

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How To Verify N.Y.S.C Discharge Certificate Number Online

The manual process of NYSC certificate verification is a very daunting task, if you are staying far away from the NYSC headquarters office you would not want to go through the stress of Manual verification

Despite this challenge and other limitations that people pass through in cause of verification, I am glad to inform you that you can also verify your NYSC certificate number online by skipping the manual process

Step 1

Copy and paste this link in another tab of your browser to access the NYSC portal

Step 2

Once you get to the registration page, you will click on the verification button and signup for an account.

Step 3

Once your account is created you will have to pay for verification fee, If you own a debit card, you can use it to pay,

as soon as you have done this just wait till you get a response from them.

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Conclusion: About N.Y.S.C Discharge Certificate Number And Verification

In conclusion, NYSC Verification has helped in identifying fake and original certificates. I hope in this article you have learned everything about NYSC discharge certificate numbers and how to very it.

If you have questions or suggestions kindly comment below, sharing is caring!!

Benjamin Targba


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  1. Which director in the NYSC signs letter of exclusion from service is it Director of mobilization or Director of certification

    1. Who signs NYSC letter of exclusion from service.The NYSC director of mobilization or director of certification

  2. What passport photograph does NYSC uses for its certificate, the one on the dashboard or the one stapled on the certificate format during orientation?

    The passport I submitted during orientation has a red background. Thank you.

    1. do the verification show the age of the corp


    Please help me with the next step to follow.


    Please I have issues registering for nysc exemption certificate. After I have done the capturing and finger printing and I start filling the form whenever I get to select course it will be blank and I couldn’t proceed to the next level and this have been reoccurring. Pls help me.

    1. Thanks for your comment Temitope, I suggest you check it out at any Cyber Cafe around you. Thanks

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