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This category focuses on reviwing and promoting the culture of various ethnic groups in Nigeria

Niger Delta Traditional Wedding Attire

Niger Delta Traditional Attire for Wedding

Are you the inquisitive type? Are you curious to know how Niger-Delta people dress? Then, sit back and meticulously scroll down as this content tends to examine the Niger-Delta Traditional (Wedding) Attire in the olden days till now! Nigerians generally are the fashion-driven type. Although most Nigerians dress up in English dresses, the love and […]

10 Best Tribe to Marry as a Wife in Nigeria

Best Tribe to Marry as a Wife in Nigeria

You stumbled on this blog probably because you have dated enough and want to settle down and that could be the reason why you are looking out for the best tribe to marry as a wife in Nigeria. Disclaimer!! We are in no way trying to promote tribalism. This article was documented majorly to satisfy […]

Tribes in Delta State (See full List)

Tribes in Delta State

In this article, you will discover the list of tribes in Delta State and all the local governments Delta State is one of the oil-rich states which can be found in the south-south region of Nigeria. The state comprises distinct Igbo subgroups of Enuani, Ukwani, Ndokwa, and Ika, collectively referred to as Anioma, and the […]

How Many Ethnic Groups are in Nigeria?

Do you wish to know how many ethnic groups are in Nigeria? Then read this post till the end as you will discover all the major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Unity and Cultural Diversity in Nigeria When we talk about Unity and cultural diversity, Nigeria is made the focal country because of the diversity of […]

10 Heroes & Heroines who fought for Nigerian Independence

Heroes Who Fought For Nigerian Independence

“The Labour Of Our Heroes Past Shall Never be in Vain” is the most emotional and captivating line of the Nigerian National Pledge bringing to our memories, all the legendary Heroes and Heroines who fought for Nigerian Independence and Freedom from the British. Needless to say, Nigeria is regarded now as one of the most […]

A-Z List of Most Beautiful Tiv Names and their Meaning

Tiv Names and their Meaning

Dooshima (which means love, good heart, kindness) is one of the most common and popular Tiv Names given to Tiv women and it’s no doubt the name is loved by many. Do you know there are other beautiful Tiv names you might have forgotten or never come across? this article sought to present an A-Z […]

Why India Was Banned From Football (India 99-1 Nigeria)

Why Was India Banned From Football

You stumbled on our webpage because you want to understand the mystery of why India was banned from football and the real story behind the India 99 – 1 Nigeria, a football match that many believed is the cause of India not participating in any football or Olympic games henceforth. But what if I tell […]

History of Yoruba People, Origin, Culture & Facts

History of Yoruba People

If you are a Yoruba boy/girl tracing the history of the Yoruba people, you could be asking questions like; Where did Yoruba originate from? and looking for answers to your research questions. This article will provide first-class information pertaining to Yoruba history and where the Yoruba people originate from to occupy a large portion of […]

15 Crazy Yoruba Proverbs And Their Meaning

Yoruba proverbs and meaning

So I present to you this interesting topic on Yoruba proverbs and their meaning (owe Yoruba), indeed the Nigerian culture is very much vast and wide with each tribe having its own laws and traditions. But nevertheless, we still have the dominant tribes which are the Hausas, Yorubas,  and Igbo. These three tribes are mostly […]

A-Z List of Beautiful Yoruba Names and their Meaning

Yoruba Names and Their Meaning

Do you know that the names Cecelia and Claudia mean blind and lame?. Unlike some tribes that prefer western names, Yorubas are known for giving their children our traditional Yoruba names. This article contains some of the sweetest Yoruba Names and their meaning. It no doubts Yoruba ethnicity is one of the biggest in Nigeria […]

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