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History of Yoruba People, Origin, Culture & Facts

History of Yoruba People

If you are a Yoruba boy/girl tracing the history of the Yoruba people, you could be asking questions like; Where did Yoruba originate from? and looking for answers to your research questions. This article will provide first-class information pertaining to Yoruba history and where the Yoruba people originate from to occupy a large portion of […]

15 Crazy Yoruba Proverbs And Their Meaning

Yoruba proverbs and meaning

So I present to you this interesting topic on Yoruba proverbs and their meaning (owe Yoruba), indeed the Nigerian culture is very much vast and wide with each tribe having its own laws and traditions. But nevertheless, we still have the dominant tribes which are the Hausas, Yorubas,  and Igbo. These three tribes are mostly […]

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