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A-Z List of Beautiful Yoruba Names and their Meaning

Do you know that the names Cecelia and Claudia mean blind and lame?. Unlike some tribes that prefer western names, Yorubas are known for giving their children our traditional Yoruba names. This article contains some of the sweetest Yoruba Names and their meaning.

It no doubts Yoruba ethnicity is one of the biggest in Nigeria and West Africa at large. Usually, the Yoruba people reside in the north-central and south-western parts of Nigeria. The Yoruba are one of the most talented ethnic groups in Nigeria, it is obvious that they occupy some of the major and big government offices in Nigeria.

Despite a large population of Yoruba people in Nigeria, they still hold and maintain their cultural heritage from the older generation to the younger ones and it is important to understand the Yoruba history and how they came to take dominance in the population

If you are a parent looking forward to giving your child the best Yoruba name that carries a heavenly meaning, you should consider our list of Yoruba names and their meaning below

Yoruba Names and their Meaning

Here is a list of both Male and female Yoruba names and their meaning … please leave Oyinbo names for oyibo people oo…


Aanuoluwapo; God’s mercy is great.

Aarin; refers to centre/middle

Aarinade; in the centre of the crown

Aarinola; the centre of wealth

Abayomi; the enemy would have gloated over me

Abejide; born during the rainy season

Abidemi; born before the fathers arrival

Abidoye; born before the arrival of a chieftaincy title

Abiodun; born during the festival

Abiola/ Abimbola/Abisola; one born into wealth

Abiona; born during a journey

Abioye/Abisoye; born into status/title

Abisogun; born during a war

Abisuga; one born into the palace

Abodunrin; one who walks in with the festival/holiday

Abosede/Abiose; born on the first day of the week

Adaramola; one who complements wealth with beauty

Ade; this refers to crown or royalty

Adebajo; the crown returns from a trip

Adebambo; the crown returns with me

Adebanjo; the crown fits me

Adebanke; the crown helps to pamper me

Ade Bankole; the crown assisted me to build a house

Adebayo; the crown meets with joy

Adebimpe; the crown birthed me complete

Adebisi; the crown has given birth to more

Adebiyi; the crown gave birth to this one

Adebola; the crown meets with wealth

Adeboro; the crown meets wealth

Adebowale; the crown has come home

Adeboye; the crown meets the title

Adeboyejo; the crown befits the title

Adebukola; the crown has added to wealth

Adebusoye; the crown has adds to status

Adedamola; the crown is mixed with wealth

Adedapo; crowns associate/affiliate

Ade Daramola; the crown associates with (complements) wealth well

Adedayo; the crown has become joy

Adedeji; the crown has become two

Adediji; the crown has become a refuge

Adediran; the crown becomes hereditary

Adedoja; the crown has become a market

Adedokun; the crown has become (as wide as) the sea

Adedolapo; the crown holds wealth together

Adedotun; the crown has become fresh/new

Adedoyin; the crown has become honey

Adefemi; the crown loves me

Adefolake; the crown pampers with wealth

Adefolarin; the crown walks with wealth

Adefoluke; the crown pampers with God

Adefoyeke; the crown pampers with the title

Adegbenga; the crown elevates/uplifts

Adegbenro; the crown establishes

Adegbola; the crown carries wealth

Adegboyega; the crown has elevated the title

Adegoke; the crown ascends a height/hill

Adegoroye: the crown ascends to a title

Adegunte; the crown ascends the throne

Adeiye; the crown of salvation

Adejare; the crown has overcome

Adejobi; the crown gives birth together

Adejoke; the crown will together pamper this one

Adejoro; the crown enjoys (eats) wealth

Adejumo; the crown unites

Adejumobi; the crown unites to give birth to

Adejumoke; the crown unites to pamper

Adejuwon; the crown is greater than them

Adekanmi; I am entitled to the crown

Adekemi; the crown pampers me

Adekilekun; the crown makes the house full

Adekitan; the crown does not finish/end

Adekola; the crown collects wealth

Adekoyejo; the crown brings together titles

Adekunle; crowns fill the house

Adelabi; we gave birth to a crown

Adelana; the crown opens the way

Adelani; we own the crown

Adelanwa; it is a crown that we look for

Adeleke; the crown triumphs

Adelodun; the crown owns the festival

Adelowo; the crown has respect

Adeloye; the crown is (the essence) of a title

Ademola; the crown has been added to wealth

Ademolu; the crown has been added to the master

Adeniji; the crown has protection/refuge (to offer)

Adenike; the crown has (need of) care

Adeniran; the crown has history/lineage

Adeniyi; the crown has prestige/dignity

Adenola; the crown owns wealth

Adenrele; the crown is going home

Adenuga; the crown owns the palace

Adeoba; the crown of the king

Adeola; crown of wealth

Adeolu; the crown of God

Adeoti; the crown does not fade

Adeoye; a crown of title

Adepeju; the crown is full of honor

Adepero; the crown pacifies

Adepitan; the crown tells a story

Adepoju; crowns are many

Aderemilekun; the crown has dried my tears

Aderinsola; the crown walks into wealth

Aderiyike; the crown has found one to pamper

Aderonke; the crown has something to pamper

Aderoju; the crown has succor

Aderopo; the crown replaces

Adesanmi; the crown profits me

Adesewa; the crown makes beauty

Adesile; the crown opens a new house

Adesina; the crown has opened the way

Adesoji; the crown is revived

Adesokan; the crown is one

Adesola; the crown makes wealth

Adesoro; the crown makes wealth

Adesoye; the crown watches over the title

Adesupo; the crown aggregates

Adetola; the crown is the worth of wealth

Adetolu; the crown which belongs to God

Adetona; the crown gives direction

Adetoro; the crown is peaceful

Adetoun; the crown is worth strife

Adetoyebi; the crown is big enough to birth titles

Adetoyese; the crown has beautified the title

Adetunji; the crown has woken again

Adetutu; the crown is calm/soothing

Adewale; the crown has come home

Adewetan; the crown has being bath

Adewonuola; the crown has entered into wealth

Adewunmi; I am desirous of the crown

Adeyanju; the crown succeeds

Adeyato; the crown is different

Adeyemi; the crown befits me

Adeyemo; the crown befits a child

Adeyiga; the crown surrounds the palace

Adeyinka; the crown surrounds me

Adeyeye; the crown befits its titles

Adeyoye; the crown rejoices over the title

Adunade; the sweetness of the crown

Adunbi; one who is sweet to give birth to

Adunke; one who is sweet to pamper

Adunni; one who is sweet to have

Adura; means prayer

Aduramigba; my prayer has been answered

Afolabi; one born with wealth

Afolami; one who breathes with wealth

Afolarin; one who walks with wealth

Afolorunso; one kept under God’s protection

Agboola; the stage/platform of wealth

Aibinuola; one who is not antagonistic of wealth

Aje; a child born on monday

Ajibola; one who wakes up to meet wealth

Ajibade; one who wakes into royalty

Ajibike; we woke up to take care of this one

Ajirola; one who wakes to the sight of wealth

Akin; refers to warrior/valor

Akinbiyi; a warrior gave birth to this one

Akinbode; a warrior has arrived

Akinbola; valor meets with wealth

Akindele; the warrior has come home

Akinkunmi; valor fills me

Akinlabi; we gave birth to a warrior

Akinleye; valor has glory

Akinlolu; the Lord is Valor

Akinloye; valor is a title

Akinmade; the warrior takes the crown

Akinniyi; valor has dignity

Akinola; valor of wealth

Akinpelu; the warrior was one of them

Akinrinnola; the warrior walks in wealth

Akinsanmi; valor profits me

Akintayo; valor is the worth of joy

Akintola; valor is the worth of wealth

Akintoye; valor is the worth of title

Akintunde; the warrior has come again

Akinwunmi; warriors appeal to me

Akinyele; valor befits a home

Akinyemi; valor befits me

Akeju; one who is over-pampered

Anjolaoluwa; we are enjoying (eating) the wealth of God

Alaba; the second child born after a set of twins

Alade; the crowned one

Alayo; one who is full of joy/merriment

Alarape; the one with family is complete

Ara; means family. It also means “to be a part of”

Aralola; family (relations) is wealth

Aramide; my family has come

Araoye; a part of the title

Aremu; is the name given to the first male child

Ariyo; one who is joy to behold

Asikooluwaloju; the Timing of God is best

Atinuke; a person who has been pampered from conception

Ayan; refers to drums/drumming.

Ayanbadejo; drumming complements the crown well

Ayandele; the drummer has come home

Ayantola; drumming is the worth of wealth

Ayantuge; drumming is the worth of the palace

Ayanyinka; drumming surrounds me

Ayo; means joy

Ayoade; the joy of the crown

Ayobade; joy meets with the crown

Ayobami; joy meets with me

Ayodabo; joy is back

Ayodeji; joy has doubled

Ayodele; joy has come home

Ayodiran; joy becomes hereditary

Ayoku; joy remains

Ayokunle; joy fills the house

Ayokunnumitetete; joy fills my insides completely/ joy saturates me

Ayomide or Ayomitide; my joy has come

Ayoola; the joy of wealth

Ayorinde; joy walks in

Ayotomi; joy is enough for me

Ayotola; joy is the worth of wealth

Ayotunde; joy has come again

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Baba; means father or grandfather

Bababunmi; father gave me

Babajide; father has awoken

Babalola; father is wealth

Babarinsa; “father saw and ran”. Name given to a child whose father dies shortly after his birth

Babasola; father makes wealth

Babatola; father is the worth of wealth

Babatunde; father has come again

Babatunji; father had arisen/reincarnated

Babawale; father has come home

Babayeju; father confers dignity

Badejoko; one who sits with then crown

Bolajoko; one who sits with wealth

Bolatito; so wealth is this big?

Bolutife; it is as God desires

Botiwunoluwa; as God desires


Dideolu; the rising of God

Durodola; wait for wealth

Durojaiye; wait to enjoy (eat) life

Durosinmi; wait to bury me


Ebudola; insults have become wealth/honor

Ebunoluwa; gift of God

Emiola; the spirit of wealth

Eni; means person

Enilo; the person who went away

Eniola; person of wealth

Enitan; a person about whose birth a story is told

Eniolurunda; a person created/moulded (especially) by God

Eniolorunopa; a person who God will not kill

Enitanwa; a person who we have been waiting for

Ekundayo; tears have become joy

Ereola; the benefit/advantage of wealth

Erioluwa; evidence/testimony of God

Etoade; right of the crown

Ewaoluwa; beauty of God

Eyiloreoluwa; this is the favor of God

Eyitola; this (one) is the worth of wealth


Faramade; move closer to the crown

Fadekemi; make use if the crown to pamper me

Fadesewafunmi; make beauty from the crown for me

Fehintiola; rest/relax on wealth

Feyifoluwa; give this (one) to God

Fijinjesu/ Fijinoluwa; consecrated unto Jesus/God

Fiyinfoluwa; give prestige to God

Folagbade; receive a crown with wealth

Folashade; use wealth as a crown

Fowosade; use money as a crown


Gbekelolu; rest on God

Gbadewole; enter a place with the crown

Gbolagunte; ascend the throne with wealth

Gbolahan; show off wealth

Gbowoade; receive the crown


Ibidokun; family becomes (as wide as) the sea

Ibidun; child birth is sweet

Ibijoke; family pampers together

Ibikeye; childbirth brings honor

Ibikunle; birth (children) fill the house

Ibilola; childbirth is wealth

Ibisola; childbirth makes wealth

Ibiyemi; childbirth honors me


Ibironke; family has found who to pamper

Ibiolagbajosi; the place wealth converges at

Ibukunoluwa; blessing of God

Idowu; the name given to the child born after a set of twins

Idurotioluwa; the steadfastness/ abiding presence of God

Ife; means love

Ifeade; love of the crown

Ifedolapo; love holds wealth together

Ifejobi; love gave birth together

Ifeoluwakusi; the love of God abounds

Ifetayo; love is the worth of joy

Igbagboluwa; belief/faith of God

Ikeolu; the care of God

Ilesanmi; home benefits me

Imoleoluwa; light of God

Inioluwa; property of God

Ipadeola; assembly of wealth

Ipinuoluwa; decision of God

Iremide; my fortune/benefit has arrived

Iretiola; hope/anticipation of wealth

Iretioluwa; God’s hope

itanife; the story of love

Iteoluwakiisi; the throne of God is permanent

Itunuoluwa; comfort of God

Iwalewa; good character is beautiful

Iyanda; a selected being

Iya; refers to mother/grandmother

Iyabo; mother has come

Iyadunni; mother is sweet to have

Iyaniwura; mother is (as precious as) gold

Iyatunde; mother has returned

Iyanuoluwa; mercy of God

Iyinoluwa;Praise of God

Iyiola; the prestige of wealth

Iyunadeoluwa; beads (corals) of the crown of God

Jejelaiyegba; life should be treaded gently

Jejeolaoluwa; the wealth of God is gentle/restful

Jenrola; let me find wealth

Jokotade; sit with the crown

Jokotola; sit with wealth


Kalejaye; sit and eat (savor) life

Kasimawo; let’s wait and see (if this child will live long)

Kikelomo; children are destined for pampering

Kofoworade; he does not buy the crown with money

Kofoworola;he does not buy wealth with money

Kokumo; he/she will not die again

Koledowo; build a house in anticipation of wealth

Kosoko; theres no hoe

Koyinsola; put honey into wealth i.e. experience sweet wealth

Kukoyi; death rejects this (one)


Magbagbeoluwa; do not forget God

Majekodunmi; do not let it hurt (pain) me

Majemuoluwa; convenant of God

Makanjuola; do not be in a hurry to get wealthy

Malomo; don’t go away any more

Matanmi; don’t deceive me

Meraola; I did not buy wealth

Mobiyina; I have given birth to this one (at last!)

Mobolaji; I awoke with wealth

Modupe; I give thanks

Mofaderera; I adorn my body with a crown

Mofeoluwa; I love God

Mofeyisade; I use this (one) as a crown

Mofeyisola; I use this (one) as wealth

Mofogofolorun; I give God glory?

Mofolami; I breathe with wealth

Mofolusho/Mofolorunsho; I place in Gods protection/keeping

Mofopefolorun; I give thanks to God

Mogbadunola; I enjoy wealth

Mogbolade; I bring wealth home?

Mojirayo; I awoke to see joy

Mojirola; I awoke to see wealth

Mojisola; I awoke to wealth

Mojolaoluwa; I enjoy (eat) the wealth of God

Mojoyin; I enjoy (eat) honey

Mokolade; I have brought wealth

Molayo; I have joy

Monilola; I have a share in wealth

Mopelola; I am complete in wealth

Moradeke; I have found a crown to pamper

Moradeun; I have found a crown to pamper

Moradeyo; I have found a crown to rejoice over

Morakinyo; I have found a warrior to rejoice over

Morayo; I see joy

Morenike; I (have) found a person to pamper

Morenikeji; I have found my second (better) half

Moriojurereoluwagba; I have found God’s favor/ favor in God’s sight


Morohundiya; I find one to lessen my suffering

Morohunfola; I bestow something on wealth

Morohunfolu; I have found whom to give to God

Morohunkolafun; I have found whom to build wealth for

Morohunmubo; I have found someone to bring back

Morolake; I have found wealth to pamper

Morolayo; I have found wealth to rejoice over

Mosopefunolorun; I thank God

Mosunmola; I move close to wealth

Motilewa; I come from home

Motunrayo; I have once again seen joy

Moyoade; I rejoice over the crown

Moyosoreoluwa; I revel/rejoice in God’s favour


Naade; Precious royalty

Ninioluwalere; Having God pays

Niniola; Having wealth

Numilekunolwa; clean my tears lord


Oba; King

Obafemi; the king likes me

Ododo; flower

Odeh; I’ll give praise

Odunayo; year of joy

Ogooluwa; glory of God

Ogooluwatomiwa; God’s glory comes to me

Ojuolape; eye of wealth is complete

Olabisi; joy is multiple

Oladapo; wealth has been mixed together

Oladayo; wealth becomes joy

Oladele; wealth has arrived

Oladunni; wealth is worth having

Olaide; wealth comes around

Olaitan; God’s blessing has no end

Olamide; My wealth has come

Olaoluwatomi; God’s wealth is enough for me

Olaoluwakinsha; God’s wealth never fades

Olajumoke; wealth unites to pamper

Olakunle; home full of wealth

Olatunde; wealth has come again

Olatunji; honour reawakens

Olasinbo; wealth is on its way

Olawunmi; I desire wealth

Olayinka; wealth/ honour surrounds me

Ololade; the wealthy one has come

Olorunyomi; God has saved me

Olubunmi; Gift of God

Olubusayo; God has added to my joy

Olufemi; God loves me

Olufunlola; God has given me wealth

Olufunmilayo; God has given me joy

Olugbenga; God has raised me up

Olumide; My God has come

Oluwamayowa; The lord has brought joy

Oluropo; God represent

Olusanjo; God has made up

Oluseyi; God has made this

Olusola; God has blessed me

Oluwabusola; God adds to my wealth

Oluwadamilare; God has justified me

Oluwadarasimi; God is good to me

Oluwadamisi; God spared me

Oluwadamilare; God has crowned me

Oluwafirekanmi; God has touched me with goodness

Oluwafunbi; God gave this to me

Oluwagbotemi; God heard me

Oluwakemi; God is taking care of me

Oluwanifemi; God loves me

Oluwafunke; God gave me to pamper

Oluwajomiloju; God has surprised me

Oluwapamilerin; God has given me laughter

Oluwapemisire; God has called me to goodness

Oluwapelumi; God is with me

Oluwaremilekun; God has dried my tears

Oluwasegun; God is victorious

Oluwasekemi; God takes care of me

Oluwaseuntowunmi; God did what I wanted

Oluwaseuntofunmi; I thank God for giving me

Oluwasoromidayo; God made my life joyful

Oluwasunbare; God draws me nearer to goodness

Oluwatimilehin; God supported me

Oluwatobi; God is great

Oluwatofunmi; God is enough for me

Oluwatomisin; God is enough for my praise

Oluwatomiwa; God searched for me

Oluwatose; God is able

Oluwatosin; God is worthy to be served

Oluwatoun; God is enough

Oluwatoyin; God is worthy to be served

Oluwatunmise; God has reformed me

Oluwayemisi; God honours me

Ominira; liberation

Omobobola; he came to meet wealth

Omobolanle; A child who met wealth at home

Omobolaji; A child born with wealth

Omolabake; A child to be pampered

Omodunmi; A child is sweet to have

Omolara; A child is family

Omolola; A child is wealth

Omolayo; A child gives joy

Omolewa; Children are beauty

Omotola; A child equals wealth

Omowunmi; I desire a child

Omoyeni; we’re worthy of a child

Oni; Born in sacred abode

Opeyemi; I should be grateful

Opeyimika; I am surrounded by grace

Oreofe; free grace

Oreofeoluwakintan; God’s grace never ends

Oeeofeoluwatofunmi; God’s grace is sufficient for me

Oreoluwa; God’s friend

Orode; wealth is here

Oyindamola; honey is missed with wealth

Oyindasola; honey is poured to wealth

Oriyomade; my head rejoice with crown


Pamilekunayo; cause me tears of joy

Pamilerin; cause me laughter


Remilekun; stop my grief

Romoke; Having a child to pamper

Ronke; Having someone to pamper


Seye; Make honour

Similoluwa; Rest in the lord

Simisola; rest in wealth

Seun; we thank God


Temidayo; Mine has turned to joy

Temidire; Mine has turned to favour

Temiloluwa; God is mine

Temitope; enough reason to give thanks

Tifeoluwa; it is the will of God

Tioluwaniope; To God be the glory

Titilayo; Eternal happiness

Titilola; wealth is forever

Titilope; Grateful forever

Tiwalade; the crown is ours

Tiwatope; Our situation is worthy of thanks

Tokunbo; Born in my absence

Tolulope; Thanks be to God

Toluwalase; Authority belongs to God

Toluwani; It’s God’s own

Toriola; Because of wealth

Tujuka; be cheerful


Wasola; come to riches

Wuraola; The gold of wealth


Yejide; image of her mother

Yewande; Mother looked for me

Yetunde; Mother has returned

Yosolaoulwa; Enjoy the wealth of God

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Conclusion: Yoruba Names and their Meaning

In conclusion, the Above are well-compiled male and female Yoruba names and their meaning. Is there any Yoruba name you want to know it’s meaning that is not included in the list? Kindly drop the name in the comment box, and we will give you the english meaning.

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