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A-Z List of Most Beautiful Tiv Names and their Meaning

Dooshima (which means love, good heart, kindness) is one of the most common and popular Tiv Names given to Tiv women and it’s no doubt the name is loved by many. Do you know there are other beautiful Tiv names you might have forgotten or never come across? this article sought to present an A-Z list of the most Beautiful Tiv names and their meaning respectively.

The Tiv People holds the food basket of the nation and they occupy the major cities and towns of Benue State. Just like the Yoruba people, The Tiv men and women are known basically for their love and hospitality to strangers as a Tiv man will invite a passerby to join him at the table to share a good meal together, this is seen as Tiv Tradition.

Furthermore, It is believed that Tiv is a Tivoid ethnic group. They constitute approximately 3.5% of Nigeria’s total population and number over 14 million individuals throughout Nigeria and Cameroon. The Tiv language is spoken by about 15 million people in Nigeria with a few speakers in Cameroon.

Both the Tiv and Yoruba are known to have one of the most beautiful and endowed names which give praises and honour to God. In a similar article, we documented some of the most beautiful Yoruba names and their meaning which you may wish to check out.

Tiv Names and their Meaning

Below are some of the sweetest male and female Tiv names you should consider naming your child. these names were first compiled by REV.D.T KARSHIMA.

Kindly note that the F stands for Female while M stands for male.


Afa (F); God knows

Ahemen (F); let God lead

Aondoakura (M); let God protect

Aondoana (M); let God God give

Aondoaseer (M), may God add

Aondoasen (M), God will descend

Aondoaver (M); may God bless

Aondoawase (M); may God help

Aondodoo (also Terdoo) (M); God is good

Aondofa (M); God knows

Aondohemba (M); God is great, God wins

Aondokura (M); God has protected

Aondona (M); God has given

Aondonengen (M); God sees

Aondonenge (M); God has seen

Aondongu (also Terngu) (M); there is God

Aondoseer (M); God has added

Aondosen (M); God has decended

Aondosoo (M); god loves

Aondowase (M); God has helped

Aondoyila (M); God has called

Awase (F); let him (God) help


Bem (M); peace

Bemdoo (M); peace is good

Bemgba (M) peace has reigned

Bemshima (M); peace of mind

Budepuun (M) it is beyond despising

Bundesaan (M); no longer to be lost


Ciater (M); fear the lord

Cieryol (M); amazing, wonderful

Ciuter (M); for the lord

Civir (M); worship, give respect or honour

Civirter (M); worship the lord


Doondo (M); follow

Doochivir (F); it is good to worship/honour

Dooember (F); it is good to rejoice

Doofan (F); it is good to know the Lord

Dookeghen (F); it is good to wait on the Lord

Dookenger (F); beautiful to behold

Doolumun (F); it is good to accept the Lord

Doose (F); we are happy/pleased

Dooshima (F); love

Doosughun (F); it is good to be thankful

Doosuur (F); it is good to trust the Lord

Doowuese (F); it is good to praise the Lord

Dooyum (F); very fine, very good


Ember (F); rejoice

Erdoo (F); He (God) has done well


Faeren (M/F); treated well

Famimi (F); know the truth

Fanan (M/F); well given

Fanen (M/F), be aware

Fater (M); know the Lord


Hembadoon (F); even so it is still good

Hembafan (F); He knows best

Hemen (M); lead on, leadership


Iember (F); joy, joyfullness, delight, happiness

Iorember (M); people are rejoicing

Iorsugh (M); people have thanked

Iorwuese (M); people have praised

Ishughun (M); thankfulness

Iywanger (F); light

Iyua (F); gift

Iyuana (F); his gift

Iywuese (F); appreciation


Kator (M); God is king

Kumakaven; it is high time to understand

Kumasughun (F); it is time to thank God

Kumawuese (F); it is time to praise/appreciate God


Lubem (M); live in peace, be peaceful

Luper (M); be awake


Member (F); I am glad, I rejoice

Mesuur (F); I will trust the Lord

Mimi (F); truth

Mimidoo (F); truth is pays

Mimisar (F); I desire truth

Mkãv (M); enlightenment

Mkav (M); I have now understood

Mkegh (M); I have waited

Mmemna (M); Her rest

Mnena (F); His gift

Mneuter (F); the Lord’s gift

Mguember (F); I am rejoicing

Mgusonon (F); I am rquesting

Mgusughun (F); I am thanking (God)

Mngusuur (F); I am trusting

Mlumun (F); I have accepted

Msaan (F); I am glad

Msendoo (F); prayer is good

Msonter (M), I request of the Lord

Msuur (F); I have trusted

Msurshima (F); comfort. consolation

Mven (F), his arrival

Mwar (F); I have survived

Mwuese (F); I appreciate

Myom (M); salvation


Nguamo (F); He (God) is with me

Nguavese (F); He (God) is with us

Ngubem (M); He (God) is peaceful

Nguember (F); He is rejoicing

Ngufan (F); He (God) is knowing

Nguhemen (F); He (God) is leading

Nguher (F); He (God ) is still there

Ngukoson (F); He (God) is sustaining

Ngukuran (F); He (God) is protecting

Ngumimi (F); truly He is, He is truthful

Nugan (F); He (God) gives

Ngunengen (F); He (God) is seeing

Ngupasen (F); He (God) is revealing

Ngusorun (F); He (God) is visiting

Ngutesen (F); He (God) is teavhing

Ngutor (M); He (God) is King

Nguuma (M); He (God) is alive

Mguumbur (F); God remebers

Nguvan (F); He (God) is coming

Nguveren (F); He is blessing

Nguwasen (F); He (God) is helping

Nguyesen (F); He (God) is raising up

Nguyilan (F); He is calling

Nguzungwen (M); He pities


Oryiman (M); Saviour

Oryina (M); human being is short of the Glory of God and is bound to sin


Pasem (M); reveal to me

Pasenen (M); declare (His works)


Saanmoyol (F); I am rejoicing

Saater (M); except God

Sarem (M); I desire

Sechivir (M); we will worship (God)

Sedoo (F); we are loved (by God)

Seember (F), we rejoice

Seerdoon (F); the joy is increased

Sefa (M); we know

Sekav (M); we understand (God’s works)

Sekegh (M); we have waited (on the Lord)

Semem (F); we have rested

Senenge (F); we have seen

Sengohol (F); we have recieved (what God has given)

Selumun (M); we have accepted (what God has given)

Sesugh (M); we are thankful

Sewuese (F); we are filled with praise

Shiana (F); he has given again

Sonter (M); request from the Lord

Sughnen (M); be thankful

Suur (M); trust on the loard


Terande (M); the Lord has appeared

Terdoo (M); the Lord is good

Terdue (M); the Lord has appeared

Terese (M); the Lord has wiped my tears

Terfa (M); the Lord knows

Terhebmba (M); the Lord wins

Terhemen (M); the Lord leads

Terhide (M); the Lord has returned, reincarnated

Terkaa (M); the Lord has said

Terkende (M); deserted by the Lord, forsaken

Terkénde (M); the Lord has lifted up

Terhimbi (M); the Lord has paid back the lost

Terkimbir (M); the Lord has repeated (same gift)

Terkuma (M); the Lord is sufficient

Terkumbur (M); the Lord has consoled

Terkula (M); the Lord protects

Terna (M); the Lord gives

Ternenger (M); the Lord has seen

Terngu (M); the Lord exists

Terongo (M); the Lord hears

Terpase (M); the Lord has revealed

Terlumum (M); the Lord has accepted

Terseer (M); the Lord has added

Tersor (M); the Lord has visited

Tertese (M); the Lord has shown

Tersoo (M); the Lord loves

Tertsegha(M); the Lord has consecrated

Tertsua (M); the Lord has chosen

Terumbur (F); the Lord has remebered

Terundu (F); the Lord has deserted, forsaken

Terungwa (F); the Lord has heard (my prayer)

Terwase (M); the Lod has helped

Teryange (M); the Lord has rebuked/prevented

Teryese (M); the Lord has brought up

Terkende (M); the lord has rasiedup

Teryila (M); the lord has called

Teryima (M); the Lord has saved

Terzumgwe (M); the Lord has pited

Terzulum (M); the Lord is near


Uma (M); life

Umbur (F); remember

Usha (M); the heavenly one

Ushahemba (M); the heavenly one is great

Ushafa (M); the heavenly one knowns


Vandefan (M); foreknowledge

Vanen (M); come ye

Vavem (M); backpack me

Verem (M); bless me

Verse (M); bless us

Vershima (M) be focused


Wanger (F); it is clear

Wianger (F); the light of God

Wasem (F); help me

Washima (F); be patient

Wueseter (F); praise the lord


Yerem (M); hide me

Yesem (M); bring me up

Yila (M); call

Yima (M); save

Yisam (M); cover me


Zamber (F); a plea

Zuamo (M); find me

Zungwem (M); pity me, have mercy on me

Zungwenen (M); be gloomy, low spirited

These are our selected Tiv names and their meaning

Conclusion: Tiv Names and their Meaning

In conclusion, these are some of the most beautiful christian names and their meaning as compiled by Rev. D.T. Karshima, If you have any good catholic Tiv names that you feel should make the list kindly comment below.

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Benjamin Targba


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  1. I have three children with the following names:
    (1) Ternguvan, the name of my first son, meaning the Lord is coming
    (2) Gemashima, the name of my daughter, means to repent and give your life to the Lord
    Thirdly, my last son’s name, Vershima, means to watch and hold fast because the Lord is coming.

    You have done a great job compiling these names. The meaning underlying Tiv names is what makes them so beautiful.

  2. mlumun is not i have accepted, mlumun meaning is grace of the lord.

    1. Evang engr Gberihwa Joseph T.

      This is very impressive bro. Other names shamimi shaaladoo shaana verna kenana lianater varater etc

      1. please what is the meaning of the names you wrote?

  3. Nice one my dear brother, but there’s names in Bible which sounds like Tiv name and some are the same meaning such like Tirza, machir,Asher zelem and many more, are we from tribe of Judah in Israel?

  4. you didn’t add your name Tergba to the list.what is the meaning of Tergba?

  5. Nice, love it.

  6. Interesting Tiv Names making known to those that are not base in Tiv land.

    Keep up the good work

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