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Part Time Job Salary in Italy for Students

This post will unleash some of the accessible part-time Job salary in Italy for students.

Finding part-time work in Italy as an international student is a fantastic option to fund your studies. The good news is that there are a variety of professions from which you can earn money to cover your bills.

Furthermore, due to a lack of mastery of the Italian language, the chances of finding new work as a foreign student are slim. Many European students are free to work there without limitations; however, non-EU students with a study permit are only permitted to work part-time. This post will provide information about part-time jobs accessible in Italy for overseas students.

Work and Study in Italy: What You Should Know

In Italy, students are permitted to work part-time for four (4) hours a week. This translates to 20 hours each week during the week and 40 hours over the summer holidays, for a total of 1040 hours per year.

The hours spent on the internship are not considered working hours. The student is permitted to work as an employee, but he is not permitted to start his or her own firm.

This process and your employment offer from an Italian firm may be a little difficult. According to Italian law, non-European students must have a valid residency permit.

In comparison to other European countries such as France and Germany, the chances of finding full-time work in Italy are quite limited. Working without a “Permesso di Lavoro” is banned for non-EU students (work permit).

Most students want to know if they may change their student visa to a work visa and stay in Italy for a longer amount of time. Yes, a student visa can be converted into a work visa. Anyone seeking a post-study work visa in Italy must have completed a secure educational program in the country.

International students who are legally residing in Italy at the age of 18 are authorized to work in Italy. The working permit is good for one year and can be renewed if you find work or start a business.

Part-time Jobs for International Students in Italy

You can find jobs in Italy that you can combine with your study. As a foreign student in Italy, you can do the following types of part-time jobs:

1. If you have a rudimentary understanding of the Italian language, you can work in bars, and restaurants, or distribute newspapers and pamphlets.

2. In Italy, there are numerous eateries that provide part-time positions. You can work at fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, warehouses, and other service industries.

3. Many universities also provide employment opportunities for their students. Campus and faculty services hire students from the university to work in paid positions on campus. These jobs pay for tuition or provide stipends to help with living expenses.

4. Jobs as research and teaching assistants are available for master’s and doctoral students.

5. Students, on the other hand, can make money doing online gigs or tasks in the digital arena such as social media marketing, site design, digital marketing, graphics, and E-books.

6. Home tutoring jobs are available for native English speakers. The hourly cost is €30 on average, which is not terrible.

7. Part-time jobs in STEM subjects are available to students. They can perform and demonstrate their abilities or what they’ve learned in the classroom

8. You can make money online, and the best option is to start part-time with affiliate marketing, blogs, and videos. There are good CPAs available, and you can make a lot of money.

9. Nurses, doctors, and physiotherapists are in high demand in the Italian healthcare system. Math, computers, sales, and digital marketing are some of the other high-demand jobs.

10. You could also do a part-time job in Italy throughout the Winter Season. There are numerous mountainous cities in the country, and many activities such as skiing and trekking are available.

11. During the spring and summer, there are several work opportunities in the coast region, including bars, hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

That’s it on the part-time jobs available for international students in Italy. That is our perspective on the part-time jobs available in Italy for students. Our recommendation is to make yourself available and strive to build a network.

These jobs, I feel, will put you on the proper course to financial independence in Italy. There are much to achieve in these job than just the pay you receive. Students do, however, get real-world experience that will help them succeed in their careers.

How Much Do International Students Earn From Part-time Jobs in Italy?

Let’s look at how much international students can expect from part-time jobs in Italy now that we’ve seen what’s available.

The average part-time salary for international students in Italy is shown below:

The minimum wage per hour in Italy is 7 Euros. As a result, you might make up to 140 Euros per week and 560 Euros each month.

Internships are rare in Italy; most organizations recruit you as an intern and pay you between 500 and 1000 euros.

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Final Thoughts: Part-Time Job Salary in Italy for Students

Finding paid part-time job with a good salary as international students in Italy is a fantastic method to fund your studies

The real kicker is that there are no restrictions on the kind of occupations accessible in Italy for international students. This article focused on the jobs accessible in the European country for overseas students. But first, let’s have a look at the open positions.

To begin, keep in mind that students can only work part-time for 20 hours per week during the school year, but can work up to 40 hours throughout the summer and holidays.

Home tutoring opportunities are available in Italy for native English speakers. These regions are in high demand as teacher substitutes, and they are readily available for pupils with superior skills.

Many universities also provide employment opportunities for their students. Campus and faculty services hire students from the university to work in paid positions on campus.

These jobs pay for tuition or provide living expenses stipends. There are research and teaching assistant positions available for masters and doctoral students. They are extremely competitive, but they are also extremely lucrative financially and academically.

A basic understanding of the Italian language can be quite beneficial in Italy. Many employees in the service industry, such as fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and warehouses, require some level of Italian for daily communication.

Many online gigs or digital space employment, such as graphics, site design, ebooks, digital marketing, and social media marketing, pay well for students.
Overall, these positions allow you to get real-world experience and expertise that will help you succeed in your future.

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