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Part-time Jobs in Debrecen For International Students

Are you looking for part-time jobs in Debrecen for International students? Are you a student in Debrecen or making preparations to go there to study? We acknowledge that several students who study abroad look for countries where they can also work and grow professionally. These jobs will even provide them with enough money to maintain themselves while they study.

The availability of student work such as this increases a country’s appeal to overseas students. Interestingly, in Debrecen in Hungary, students can work part-time and still go on with their studies. As a result, the focus of this article will be on the part-time jobs accessible in Debrecen, Hungary, for international students.

Facts You Should Know About Debrecen

After Budapest, Debrecen is Hungary’s second-largest city. It is the seat of Hajd-Bihar county and the regional capital of the Northern Great Plains. Debrecen served as Hungary’s capital during the revolution of 1848–1849.

Debrecen was the largest Hungarian city in the 18th century and is one of the most important cultural centers for the Hungarian people. By the end of World War II, in 1944–1945, Debrecen had become Hungary’s capital.

Debrezun was the name given to the city in 1235. Debresin is a male given name derived from the Turkic word debresin, which means ‘life’ or ‘move.’

Debrecen has a population of 202,520 people. After the Hungarian conquest, the settlement was founded. Debrecen’s development is primarily supported by the agricultural, health, and educational sectors.

Looking for a study location in Debrecen?

Surprisingly, Debrecen is home to the University of Debrecen. Let’s have a look at the job prospects in Debrecen for part-time students.

The Benefits of Studying in Hungary

Hungary has a well-deserved reputation for producing world-class researchers. It mixes the splendour of both Central and Eastern Europe, with Debrecen, its remote metropolis, serving as a historical and educational hub.

Debrecen is also known for having a vibrant nightlife. This is ideal for students who appreciate seeing the beauty of the night after a long day of studying.

Hungary is also one of the most cost-effective countries in the world. International students and outsiders are welcomed with open arms throughout the country. Hungary is quickly becoming a well-known country and a home away from home for many people.

Working as a Foreign Student in Debrecen, Hungary

Working as a Foreign Student in Debrecen, Hungary

Are you considering working in Hungary while you study? Some of you may choose to work part-time while studying or during the summer vacation. All for the purpose of covering your living expenses or gaining important professional experience.

Currently, distinct rights and obligations apply based on your citizenship. If you are a student from an EEA country (EU member states plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Lichtenstein), there are no working hours restrictions and you must have a registration card.

If you are a citizen of a nation that is not a member of the European Economic Area (non-EEA state), you can work while studying with a study permit and work 24 hours a week through your studies, or 90 days or 66 working days other than your studies.

Furthermore, most Hungarian higher education institutions have their own career offices where students can learn about possible opportunities. These offices provide career prospects through databases and organize programs for job-seeking students.

Part-time Jobs for International Students in Debrecen

In Hungary, there are many work opportunities for students. Foreign students, interestingly, are not barred from working in the country.

Working options abound for international students in Debrecen, Hungary. An intriguing aspect of these employees is that they are part-time, allowing students to work while attending school.

Students in Debrecen, Hungary, have the option of working 20 hours per week in addition to their studies. They may even be able to make enough money to fund their stay in a foreign country.

The majority of part-time jobs in Debrecen, Hungary for international students include:

  • Restaurants works
  • Working in stores
  • Tutoring
  • Working in the tourism industry
  • Work in hotels
  • Craft jobs

and many service jobs.

Part-time work allows students to comfortably meet their living expenses. How do you go about getting these jobs? Many businesses in cities like Budapest and Debrecen will accept a proper CV and a basic understanding of the Hungarian language.

The kind of occupations available in Hungary vary depending on where you go, but part-time positions in service, tutoring, arts and crafts, international business, and start-up firms are common. Depending on the institution, foreign students can earn anywhere from €500 to €800 per month.

Where Can I Look for Part-Time Jobs in Debrecen?

The following are some tips for seeking part-time jobs in Debrecen.

1. Create and keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

Having a decent profile is one way to improve your chances of landing a job as an international student. Employers in Hungary use this tool to look for employee CVs, backgrounds, and experience, thus it’s critical. In most instances, work experience is not a determining criterion for jobs in Hungary because students often start as interns or part-time employees. Always keep your CV/Resume up with the newest.

2. Look for employment that matches your qualifications and study schedule

Look for foreign companies and organizations to increase your chances of finding a part-time job in Debrecen. This is because these companies frequently hire international students. There is little to no need to know Hungarian in this situation because English would suffice.

3. Be yourself and keep an open mind

This comparatively tiny fact is crucial, especially if you are looking for career internships or part-time work that would look well in your portfolio. Part-time jobs are a wonderful way to expand your understanding of the country while also sharing fresh experiences.

How Much Can International Students in Debrecen Earn Monthly From Part-time Jobs?

Assume you live in Debrecen and are a student at one of the city’s universities. After then, depending on your nationality, there are some norms and regulations.

Concerning a possible salary. “Part-time” usually refers to four hours per day and twenty hours per week. There are only a few occasions when you can work outside of normal business hours. In general, these jobs are related to waiters, bartenders, kitchen workers, and hotel staff, among others.

Many employment opportunities are available, including for foreigners. A student’s average part-time employment income starts around 800 HUF/hour (3200 HUF/day) and usually ends around 2000 HUF/hour. Though this is true in some circumstances, it is uncommon; if you can discover anything better, consider yourself lucky.

Nevertheless, If you have both knowledge and experience, your pay will always be higher. However, because it is part-time (4 hours each day), it is frequently limited.

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Final Thoughts: Benefits of Studying in Hungary

Working while also studying in Hungary is a dream for many international students. And, guess what? The individual may not be able to obtain sufficient information to make the best decision. We don’t want anything like that to happen to you.

That is why we have written about how to obtain a part-time job in Debrecen, Hungary. That’s a lot to cover in this article about part-time jobs for international students in Debrecen. So far, we’ve focused a lot on these jobs and how to obtain them.

Despite the fact that these part-time jobs are available, students may have difficulty locating one that suits them. We strongly urge you to up your quest.

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