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History of Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria (TRCN)

The Teachers registration council of Nigeria is an important council formed by the Federal Ministry of Education meant for all teachers and trainee teachers to register and sit for the examinations, those who pass the examination are certificated and considered to be working under the government, in addition, you can teach anywhere you find yourself in across Nigeria hence the certificates automatically make you qualified for any teaching job.

This Post will give you first-class Information about the Teachers registration council of Nigeria, its History and its functions.

History Of Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria

Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria Otherwise known as TRCN was established in 1993 by the Federal Ministry Of Education For the effective running of the teaching profession both in public and private sect in Nigeria.

Before Now, All profession had its own sector which helped in the regulation of these sectors so there was a pressing need for the teaching sector to have its own body that will pilot and regulate the affairs of teachers in Nigeria and after many years of struggles the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria was formed as a regulatory agency to co-ordinate and manage the teaching profession.

This co-ordination and regulatory process is achieved through the following process

  • Registration and Certification of Teachers
  • Approval and accreditation of Teachers
  • Regulation and supervision of Teachers through programs of teaching
  • Organizing seminar sessions to unite teachers and bring ideas that will foster the teaching profession

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Functions/Role of Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria

Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria

TRCN offers the following functions/roles

  • The credible information provided about Teachers helps TRCN to determine who is and who isn’t a teacher.
  • TRCN regulates and guides those who are under the teaching profession hence Not just anyone can become a teacher today. Every teacher must follow certain standards and the TRCN provides these standards.
  • It determines the necessary knowledge and skills for teachers. Besides, the TRCN also has permission to use these standards if there are necessary circumstances or reasons
  • The Teachers Registration Council only qualifies teachers based on the level of training they have received, therefore, ensuring teachers are well skilled in the areas in which they teach
  • Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria also provides a vital role in determining the right knowledge and skills that are necessary for teachers, this is achieved through the organization of programs and schemes that will bring Unify teachers all over Nigeria
  • TRCN also provides programs that provide a voice to the teachers. It means that teachers can share their knowledge during scientific conferences and other meetings

How To Register For Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria

If you are an Educational student/graduate  who wishes to register for TRCN, below is the registration process and requirements

  • You must be an Educational Student/graduate
  • TRCN Registration requires a minimum qualification of NCE (National College Of Education)
  • Teachers with only grade 2 certificates can no longer Register for TRCN (this is effective since 2006)
  • All teachers/students intending to register for TRCN must sit for the examination and pass before being given the certificate

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How Much Does It Cost To Register For TRCN in Nigeria

TRCN registration in Nigeria varies depending on the school and state you want to register so I can not give you a precise price. personally, I did my registration at the price of N6,000 in school while I was still in 400L, in summary, the cost of TRCN registration for TRCN in Nigeria ranges from N6,000 to N15,000 depending on your school and state.

How To Check Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Result

Once you have registered and written the TRCN exam you can check your TRCN result here

teachers registration council of Nigeria past questions and answers can be found here

Problems/Challenges Of TRCN

Nigeria is not a developed country so cases and problems are inevitable especially in the Educational sector. Over the years the standard of the Teachers registration council of Nigeria has fallen short thereby, crippling the activities of the TRCN and making it impossible to achieve the goals and mission it was created to do.

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Below are some of the common problems faced by the Teachers registration council of Nigeria (TRCN)

  • Lack of Proper Funding
  • Bribery and corruption as unqualified teachers make bribes to find their way and college certificates
  • Lack of Teachers Dedication to Work
  • Teachers lack the Knowledge of ICT
  • Most Teachers are not familiar with the latest technology and information age
  • Teachers Incompetence and Lack of Motivation
  • The inability of teachers to update their knowledge base and methodology in teaching

Solutions To Problems/Challenges Of TRCN

  • Teachers should update and expand their knowledge horizon and be able to utilize the various aspect of technology tools and materials to Facilitate teaching and learning that will in return prepare students to compete in the global world
  • The Ministry of Education should ensure regular funding of TRCN
  • Teachers should consider themselves models and by son doing display dedication to their work so that others can learn from them
  • Teachers should act as facilitators custodians in their teaching approaches
  • They should be able to give feedback about the challenges they face to the Ministry of Education so that it will help them make an informed decision
  • Teachers should show dedication to work

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Conclusion: History Of Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria (TRCN)

Teachers registration council is a very important scheme set up by the Federal Ministry of Education that will help in Certifying only qualified teachers to the teaching profession they also monitor and regulate the process of teaching as well as provide solutions to challenges faced by Teachers registered under TRCN.

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