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25 Most Rated FMCG Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

In this post, you are going to get information about Top rated FMCG companies in Lagos Nigeria.

FMCG simply means Fast Moving Consumer Goods. They are products which are very cheap to buy and are always available for purchase because of the high demand by consumers.

These fast-moving consumer goods include the following

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Meat
  • Soft drinks
  • Milk products
  • Bread and other baked goods
  • Perfumes
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Confectionery
  • Batteries
  • Some forms of medication
  • Soap and Detergents

In Addition, these FMCG products are sold at relatively low prices and are made available in large quantities for commercial use.

Some of these fast-moving consumer goods are highly perishable these include as meat, milk and yoghourt products, baked goods, fruits, and vegetables.

FMCG distribution companies, on the other hand, are companies that produce these products and supply them to the public for various uses.

FMCG Companies in Lagos Nigeria

Over the years there is an increasing number of FMCG distribution companies in Nigeria. Each of these companies come with different brands of products to satisfy the hunger and desire of the public.

Furthermore, the list of Fast Movable Consumer Goods Companies is endless and this has resulted in high competition. However, the demand for these products never seems to decrease.

Most of these FMCG companies are able to make a huge amount of money from the products they offer but at the same time struggle to sell some of these products that are very perishable and can spoil or expire very early.

Some of these FMCG companies have won the hearts of Nigerians due to the quality products they offer as people prefer to use their products than any other for example, people prefer using Peak milk than Loyal milk even though they are of different companies. women prefer using Gino sachet tomatoes because it offers the best taste compared to other brands. e.t.c…

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Below are some of the best FMCG companies in Nigeria and Lagos.

1. Dangote Group

The Dangote FMCG company is a well-known company in Nigeria, the giant of Africa, it is owned by a multi-business Millionaire by name Aliko Dangote.

Dangote Group of companies is well known for products like Noddle, sugar, spaghetti, cement, flour and many more. Furthermore, their main headquarters is in Lagos, however, they also have branches across other states in Nigeria.

2. Nestlé Factory

Nestle factory is best known for dairy products such Milo as well as baby tin milk (NAN) for infant babies.

The company is located in Agbara, Lagos

3. Unilever Nigeria Plc

I have been a fan of Unilever Lipton product since I was in primary school. Unilever Nigeria PLC is an FMCG company that offers products like body creams, butter, toothpaste as well as detergents for washing.

Furthermore, Unilever company is located in Umuahia, the capital city of Abia State

4. Yale Foods Ltd

This company also makes the list of FMCG companies in Nigeria, Yale Foods Ltd is a well-known company that has won the hearts of young kids who loves to eat biscuits. The company produces all kinds of biscuits ranging from cabin to milk biscuits.

Yale Foods Ltd is located in Ibadan, Oyo State.

5. OK Foods

This company is an FMCG company in Nigeria. Furthermore, Ok Foods company is known for products like biscuits and snacks.

OK Foods company is located at No.6, Block E, Industrial Scheme, Apapa Expressway, Isolo, Lagos

6. Chi Limited

They are known for FMCG products like soft drinks (Chivita) as well as snacks like cupcakes. In addition, the company is located at No. 188 Benin Sapele Rd, Oka, Benin City.

7. Nigerian Breweries

They are the largest manufacturing companies in Nigeria for producing beverages and beer for commercial use.

8. Zubee International Company Limited

This company is known for producing various foods, sweets and other related products.

9. Daraju Industries Limited 

If you are searching for FMCG distribution companies in Nigeria that offers the best soap products, then you should consider Daraju Industries Limited. In addition, the company offers product such as detergent and soap for washing and bathing.

The company is located at Ladipo St, Mushin, Lagos.

10. Nutri C Company

The company produces beverages such as Nurti C which is commonly used as soft drink when mixed with water. Nutri C contains Vitamins which is very essential in the human body.

Nutric C company is located at Sky Memorial Complex, Michael Okpara Way, Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria.

11. Vital Products

This company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of products like toot paste and hand wash lotions. In addition they also produce things like fruit drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Vital products company is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

12. PZ Cussons 

Are you looking for a company that produces the best baby oil in Nigeria? then PZ Cussons company should be your bus stop. The company manufactures products such as detergents, toiletries, soaps and home appliances.

PZ Cussons headquarters is in Lagos.

13. Nexans Nigeria 

Nexans Nigeria is your number one company for the production and distribution of cables for electrical purposes.

They are located around Henry Carr street. Ikeja Industrial Estate Ikeja, Lagos.

14. Niger Biscuit Co. Ltd.

Niger Biscuit is food processing FMCG company that specializes in the production and distribution of biscuits as well as chew gum and sweet for commercial use.
Niger biscuit company is located in Lagos.

15. Flour Mills in Nigeria

They are the chief producers of Golden Penny flour. The FMCG company is located in Lagos.

16. Apples and Pears Limited

They are the manufacturers of certain food and beverages in Nigeria. They are located in Lagos.

17. Honeyland Foods LTD

Honeyland company manufactures and promote healthy food and drinks. Furthermore, they also specialize in the production of fresh natural juices that will nourish the body.

Honeyland Foods LTD is located at No. 113 Demurin St, Ketu, Lagos

18. Bimzy Super Stores Ventures

This is an FMCG company that specializes in the production of beverages, biscuit, clothing and dairy product dealers.

Bimzy Super Stores Ventures is located at Anambra Plaza, Trade Fair Complex, Badagary Expressway, Ojo, Lagos

19. CWAY Food and Beverages Nigeria Company Limited

Your favourite Nutri Milk is a product of CWay food and beverage company. Furthermore, CWay Company is Located at Apapa-Oshodi Express Way, Isolo, Lagos.

20. Rites Foods Ltd

Rites food is your number one choice for products like Bigi drinks, rite and Gigi sausage roll (gala) and fearless energy drinks. I am a big fan of Bigi sausage roll because it tastes far better than other brands.

Rites Food Ltd is located around Opebi Road, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

21. Deli Foods

The company is the manufacturer of popular rich shortcake biscuits of various flavours like glucose, digestive, sweet cabin, marie, coaster, and salty.

Deli Foods company is located at Plot 14, Block B, Ilasamaja Industrial Scheme, Apapa-Oshodi Express Way, Isolo, Lagos

22. La Casera Company Plc

Who doesn’t Love drinking La Casera? It is a drink for all. Aside from La Casera drink, the company also produce other good soft drinks such as Ginger Bold.

In addition, the company seems to be increasing in different varieties of the products they offer.

La Casera company is located at Badagry Expy, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos

23. Dansa Foods Limited

Dansa Foods Limited is among the Dangote group and is known for the production and marketing of different beverages.

They are located at 2 Taiwo St, Ilasamaja, Lagos.

24. UAC Foods Limited

UAC Foods Limited is a food and beverage company. Furthermore, they are located at 6 Ikorodu Rd, Ojota 234011, Lagos

25. Royal Shawarma Limited

Royal Shawarma is a food and beverage company in Lagos that offers the best beverage products with high nutritional value.

The company is located at No. 04 Carter St, Lagos Mainland 100001, Lagos.

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Conclusion: FMCG Companies in Lagos Nigeria

In conclusion, These FMCG companies help to produce and distribute products that are constantly in high demand and at the same time ensure the availability of these products.

The list of FMCG companies in Nigeria is endless, however, we have selected just a few of them who seems to be the best with the products they offer.

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