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Harmful Taboos in Akwa Ibom State

Do you know the people in Akwa Ibom state have a unique culture, tradition, and beliefs and even beneficial and harmful taboos? Amongst other states in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom is believed to have one of the richest natural resources, which is crude oil production.

More so, it is dubbed as the most developed and cleanest state in the southern region of Nigeria.

The culture and heritage of the people are so unique they symbolize their identity wherever they go. Nonetheless, the people of Akwa Ibom state portray a unique culture most especially their cultural activity towards the end of the year.

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There are many unique festivals, dances, and other interesting things and facts to know about the lovely people of Akwa Ibom state.

This article would spice up your interest in more cultural heritage and beliefs in the lifestyle and also knowing the taboo of the people. The language, lifestyle, food, and beliefs are all stated. Enjoy your read of this piece.

An Overview of Akwa Ibom Culture & Tradition

Akwa Ibom State was created out of Cross River State in the year 1987 by the former military chief of staff General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. The military General due to much agitation by the Ibibio union signed the separation of both states.

The Ibibio people demanded the creation of their state after 40 years of agitating for the creation of a new state.

More so, the future direction of the country led by General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida was laid into consideration by a memorandum that was later signed.

The great people of Akwa Ibom did not agree with the Efik leadership, due to the diverse ethnic group in Akwa Ibom State, considering the Ibibio, Annang, Eket, Oron, Ibeno, and Efik were all sovereign ethnics group that were the ones to make a direct deal with the foreign body.

They also made trade with European countries, the then Cross River State was the federal capital of Nigeria before moving to the middle belt.

They are some neighbouring States that Akwa Ibom is surrounded by. East side, Rivers State, Cross River by the west, Abia State by the North, and the Gulf of Guinea by the south. Since the emanation of the state, development across every area has been spread.

The state stands as one of the most developed states in Nigeria. Starting from Uyo which is the state capital to other sub-regions.

The most important fact about Akwa Ibom State is the Nigerian GDP rate Akwa Ibom stands as the highest in oil production.

They generate revenue for the federal government due to the high production and quality of oil deposited within the state.

Nonetheless, the people are into fishing, trading, handmade production, and many more. The rate of educated ones to non-educated is minimal.

1. The Culture

The people of Akwa Ibom have a unique and dynamic culture, they are homogeneous, and mostly they are seen for their beliefs, customs, ideas, sense of humour, social responsibility, and rituals. Every Akwa Ibomite has a unique cultural value.

The value, norms, and traditions were passed from the ancestors to the younger generation. Now every Akwa Ibomite follows the pattern of their ancestors for their cultural heritage.

They strongly believe in ancestral spirits and the practice of witchcraft in some rural areas, believing in superhuman power, life after death, and most important pottery goods character, and morals. Christianity is one of the most practised religions which is dominated by all.

2. The Origin

Knowing how the state started is a stone’s throw from knowing the origin of the state and the different ethnic groups.

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The autonomous individuals are the Ibibio people, they are widely spread across the States with the highest number of languages among other tribes.

They spread across Abia State and the coast of Cameroon recognized as the Ibibios. The Ibibio and Annang nation is the strongest ethnic groups of the state, though dominated by the largest which is the Ibibio.

3. Marriage Arrangement

How do the Akwa Ibom people organize marriage rites? Considering every part of Nigeria marriage rights and activity are almost the same but due to the culture and tradition, they tend to differ.

Before conducting any marriage ceremony they’re some traditional rituals that must be performed especially for the first daughter after the necessary rites are performed.

Moreso their marriage rites tend to be expensive.

4. Festival for Dance

A typical Akwa Ibomite knows the dancing step and patterns relating to the culture and tradition of the Land making every dance festival or any related festival that demands the skill of every dancer to showcase his talent.

Mostly dances are carried out at festivals and important ceremonies. All necessary traditional rites would be demanded before wearing the dancing gown

Taboos in Akwa Ibom State

Generally, every part of Nigeria, be it, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbos all have their Taboos as regards their culture.

Taboo is related to anything prohibited whether cultural or religious, anything contrary to human belief and sanity is considered taboo.

The wonderful people of Akwa Ibom have their taboo as regard other states have theirs, most of the taboo still excite while some has gone to extinction,

A typical Ibibio man will tell you that using his left hand with an elderly person is taboo, especially greeting an elder with his left is considered taboo, for Akwa Ibom ladies, looking at a masquerade when performing is considered a taboo, there are many things considered a taboo amongst the Akwa Ibomite.

There are some cultural taboos in Akwa Ibom land which are still in existence today, some would be highlighted below.

  • On a particular market day known as ‘Ared market day’ is taboo for a lady to fetch water.
  • A married woman is prohibited to have sex with another man same as a man with another woman. If that is violated evil spirits known as Ekpo Nka Agwo will strike.
  • The Annang setting tags it a taboo to offend any grandchild or grandchildren.

Taboo for food

Many states in Nigeria are well known for their delicacy and variety of food eaten, Akwa Ibomite still keep to sanity when it comes to eating a quality meal and finds some food taboo to eat.

  • For some tribes, eating sweet potato in the Ika clan is a taboo, that among the Annang
  • Eating squirrels is a taboo
  • Eating python is taboo in

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Conclusion: Taboos in Akwa Ibom State

The culture and heritage of the people are so unique they symbolize their identity wherever they go. Nonetheless, the people of Akwa Ibom state portray a unique culture most especially their cultural activity towards the end of the year.

There are many unique festivals, dances, and other exciting things and facts to know about the lovely people of Akwa Ibom state.

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