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Living in Latvia as a Foreigner

Living in Latvia as a foreigner is one of the most popular new opportunities to experience the thrills of European life. It’s also one of the most affordable areas to live in developed Europe.

Many Westerners have dreamed of living in Europe since they were children, and Latvia checks many of the boxes that ex-pats look for in a European home. While Latvia has a large number of international visitors, it does not yet have a large number of ex-pats.

That means it has a lot of potentials. Let’s have a look at what Latvia has to offer foreign visitors in this post.

Basic Information About Latvia

History: Latvia gained independence in 1991, following the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

People: Russians are one of the largest ethnic groups in Latvia, owing to historical ties to the former old federal state (27 percent of the total population). Belarusians (3.5%), Ukrainians, and Poles are also present (around 2 percent each).

Summers are dry and pleasant, with snowy winters ranging from +25 to -5 degrees Celsius.

Population: The population of Latvia is around 1.9 million people.

Did you know?

Latvia is regarded for being a hotspot haven. The country has one of emerging Europe’s fastest broadband internet speeds.

Furthermore, Riga’s capital has over 800 free connection sites. Latvia is one of Europe’s greenest countries, with forests covering more than half of its land. Latvia has a lot of beaches because of its over 500 kilometres of coastline.

Ice hockey is Latvia’s national sport. Hundreds of Latvians compete in the NHL and KHL.

Latvia’s official flag has been carmine red and white since 1280, and it is regarded as one of the world’s oldest.

The Advantages of Living in Latvia As A Foreigner

The Advantages of Living in Latvia As A Foreigner

Latvia has a lot of affordable housing options. For 500-600 euros per month, you can obtain a halfway nice place and work your way up. There are several high-end residences in Latvian cities if you require exclusivity.

Indeed, the inflow of wealthy investors looking for high-end real estate has created areas in each town that few Latvians can afford. You can live as inexpensively or as luxuriously as you like.

When it comes to food, the cost of living might be pretty low. Business lunches are available for as cheap as five euros in some of the city’s best eateries. There are some trendy bars where you can get cocktails for four or five euros.

Since Latvia has a population of only two million people, you’re bound to meet some nice people as you immerse yourself in Latvian culture. If you’re a single man, Latvia has no shortage of attractive women. If you’re a single woman, Latvian males are plenty.

Latvia is undeniably influenced by Russia. Latvia has the largest Russian ethnic community among the Baltic states.

What is it Like to Live in Latvia?

Latvia is and will always be my home. In general, Latvia is a small country with little natural beauty. The summer weather is hot. July is the hottest month and the coldest in the winter; December and January are the coldest months, but temperatures rarely fall below 0°C.

Latvia is a small country with a small population. There are persons in the lower middle class who are either extremely wealthy or extremely impoverished.

Latvia’s minimum salary is 380 euros per month, making it one of the least in Europe. You can also sense the economic downturn in society, but only if you are able to earn a fair living.

Then Latvia isn’t such an awful place to be; just remember that nobody has money. However, if you do, you will be able to accomplish far more than in other countries.

Latvia is a safe, clean, and developing country with low competition in a variety of industries.

The Latvians are extremely proud of their IIHF hockey team. For more than 20 years, this renowned team has been one of the top 12 men’s ice hockey teams at the world’s elite level. Latvians are also proud of Kristaps Porzingis, a basketball phenomenon that is presently playing for the NBA’s New York Knicks.

Latvians are shy, can be unpleasant at times, and are honest, with excellent Russian language skills and average English language skills. The younger generation usually speaks English better than the older age.

Latvia isn’t an awful place to live in general. In truth, you could live a wonderful life, but only if you can earn a fair living; otherwise, it will be a struggle.

What is it Like To Be an Immigrant in Latvia?

What Latvia has to offer international visitors is entirely up to you. If you come here unwilling to integrate, you will be ostracized in the best-case scenario. Latvians are extremely sensitive to such tactics.

If you come here as a visitor for a short period, they can be excellent friends and courteous. It is natural to become a part of the Latvian community if you come to live there.

This is Latvia, and its culture is the only reason for its existence among other cultures.

What are Some Disappointing Things About Latvia?

What are the drawbacks to living in Latvia? The majority of the year is gloomy and chilly, and the inhabitants of Latvia are exceedingly introverted.

No, seriously, these are some of the most unpleasant aspects of living in Latvia.

Latvians are people from the north. Most Latvians dislike showing emotion or making eye contact with others. If a Latvian smiled at a stranger on the street, it would be regarded as unusual. They are averse to discussing their emotions.

Also, when individuals stand close to them during a chat, Latvians are unconcerned; the minimum polite distance is roughly 1 – 1,5 meters.

Second, Latvia has significant financial disparities. The majority of new legislation favours huge business owners, and many public sector workers are underpaid despite the fact that they form the foundation of a functioning society. There is also a lot of outrage about how much cheaper the same prescription costs in the other Baltic states.

For the most part, life in Latvia is challenging. For the most part, the economy is bad, and unemployment is high. By European standards, salaries are pitiful.

Even Latvian nationals are not protected by a strong social safety net. As a result, many people in Latvia are concerned about when a new immigrant arrives. Is this individual going to take my job? Is this individual counting on my taxes to support them?

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Conclusion: Living in Latvia as a Foreigner

Latvia is obviously one of the world’s most promising destinations for avoiding tax or wealth. Living in Latvia as a foreigner is reminiscent of western Europe’s cobblestoned cities. The low cost of living in Latvia is unparalleled in Europe. It has to be one of Europe’s most affordable places to live. This is due to the amount of sophistication it provides to both young and elderly ex-pats.

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