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Top Electrical Engineering Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria is leading in industrialisation in the west and sub-Saharan Africa; hence there is a need for electric engineering companies to provide expertise to repair, build and install the electrical instrument in the country.

In this guide, we will give you a list of companies at the forefront to help Nigeria troubleshoot electrical engineering problems.

List of Electrical Engineering Companies in Nigeria

These are the list of electrical installation companies in Nigeria. Please note that this list is in no specific order.

1. Fosad and Sons Electrical Engineering

This organization deals in the sales of transformers and presenting of Conduit Wiring, House Wiring, Transformer Installation, Transformer Repair, and also providing electrical engineering services.


JECS provides a comprehensive array of innovative electrical and technology services for projects that meet both standard and mission-critical requirements.

The company is capable of developing a talent culture at performing research, plan/backing, and establishment needed to help with strategic tasks, like modern electrical plan and establishment, organising, server farms, informing and coordinated effort arrangements, IT re-appropriating and backing administrations.

JECS takes a stab at mechanical development in quality, top-notch items, palatable assistance, and continuous improvement to upgrade guidelines and meet client prerequisites.
The Atlantic Engineering

The Atlantic offers innovative Engineering Solutions in both specialist welding and precision machining services equipped to carry out all aspects of work from the commencement of the contract, through testing and final inspection.

The company’s machines and welding expertise are used in a wide range of component manufacture and refurbishment, from high-pressure hydraulic accumulators, to ship’s propeller shafts and rudder stocks.

3. Fosad and Sons Electrical Engineering

Fosad deals in the sales of Electrical appliances, transformers and presenting of Conduit Wiring, House Wiring, Transformer Installation, and Transformer Repair and also provides electrical services.

4. Panisco Engineering

Panisco Engineering is an indigenous company with international recognition and Foreign Technical Partner Support leading the electrical business into another development time, efficiency, quality, and representation.

They give an overall l electrical establishment, including after-deals administration and upkeep.

5. Bhp Engineering and Construction

Bhp specialises in offering oil and gas, petrochemical and processing plant designing, and planning skills. The company provides cost-effective solutions that will also see projects from conception, through construction until completion.

The firm carries strong designing experience and polished methodology to each project and will tweak their help to live up to your undertaking’s desires and details.

Bhp out of numerous different firms has won through a group of master specialists and planners who guarantee that new customers transform into rehash clients and rehash clients keep on looking for their confided in the discussion.

6. Atlantic Engineering and Construction Company

This organization includes Engineers offering administrations in electrical designing, power conveyance, erection of and support of force, substations, turnaround upkeep of force stations and preventive support administrations.

7. Joyak Janaiva Nigeria Limited

This organization uses and guarantees quality materials in their projects by specifications, finding production centres strategically to enable an uninterrupted flow of products to customers and reduce the risk of transportation.

Their mission is to excellently deliver electricity concrete poles, solar renewable energy solutions and street light poles with all development projects and has the course of action to recruit or rent any extraordinary hardware including

Tipping trucks, substantial blenders, earthmovers, vibrator machines, tractors, pickup vans, hand blenders, hiab cranes, earth analyzers, study hardware, and going shafts.

8. Spincone Ltd

Spincone restricted is a unique designing and consultancy firm authorized to offer inventive types of assistance in the telecom, force and energy areas of the economy just as a vital participant in projecting the board.

9. Ruby Electric

Ruby electric is an electrical dissemination company designing home and modern electrical fittings for giving other option/environmentally friendly power and energy saving answers for homes and organisations across Nigeria.

10. Ksa Electric Ltd

The company; Ksa electric Nigeria is an electrical establishment company in Nigeria and Germany since the year 1992 association with public and private areas, covering state legislatures and global firms.

Ksa electric perceives a significant inventory side lack of electrical energy in Nigeria, just as the deficiency of neighbourhood ability to meet the critical need of an arising framework and administrations market and expects to overcome any issues, to accomplish grandiose improvement objectives.

Top Electrical Engineering Contractors in Nigeria

Electrical engineering contractors design, develop and maintain electrical systems for buildings, transport systems and power distribution networks.

They work in and across many industries, such as construction, transport, energy (including renewables), building services, and manufacturing.

Oftentimes in Nigeria, it is difficult to get some professional engineering contractors hence below is a list of Top electrical engineering contractors (companies) in Nigeria.

1. Elektrint

Elektrint (Nigeria) Limited was established in 1976 to engage in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Design, Installation and Maintenance Works and was licensed by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to render services to the Company’s active Petroleum field.

2. Aklab Nigeria Limited

Aklab Limited vision is to provide high quality innovative and safe industrial engineering and technical services with a motivated workforce and a happy host community.

They also enjoy the co-operation to draw additionally tested and well-seasoned professionals as occasion demands.

Aklab Nigeria Limited has and is continuously dedicated to the pursuit of best engineering practices based on sound and practicable economics compatible with clients’ requirements and utilizing good quality materials and equipment to provide reliable engineering services.

3. Airfreak Nigeria Limited

Airfreak Nigeria Limited is an indigenous limited liability company incorporated in 2005 with a view to providing a local alternative to foreign organizations to improve Nigeria’s economic landscape using modern technology.

The main aim of the company s to cut across Electrical, Transformer, Telecommunication Electro/Mechanical solution providers Mechanical, building and civil engineering works and facility management.

4. Energo Nigeria Ltd

Energo Nigeria Ltd. is a private, engineering & contracting company founded in 1990.
Their years of experience have taught them to be fast and agile, keen and smart to take chances and stand to create value for all stakeholders.

They focus on power generation, transmission and distribution, water and wastewater treatment, mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations for all kinds of buildings, and construction of buildings and industry.

5. Spincone Ltd

SPINCONE LIMITED is a dynamic engineering and consultancy firm licensed to provide innovative services in the telecommunications, Power and Energy Sectors of the economy as well as a key player in project management.

They have advanced in the execution of Turnkey infrastructure solutions which includes design, supply of equipment, installation and testing, commissioning and maintenance of Telecommunications, Power and Energy Systems.

Where Can Electrical Engineers Work in Nigeria?

Where Can Electrical Engineers Work in Nigeria

Due to the situation of our country Nigeria; we have many engineering graduates with certificates with fewer or no companies to work with.

Electrical engineers are responsible for implementing and designing components for any device that uses electricity, as well as the devices themselves. Engineers have to focus on the generation of power for the device or product. These devices can include anything that runs on electricity

If you are an electrical engineer you have to understand which companies or areas you can be called upon to work in.

In Nigeria, Electrical engineers typically work in laboratories and research facilities, factories, mines, industrial and production plants, power stations, and office settings.

Depending on their location, electrical engineers may work in modern comfort or in hot, cramped, or dusty places.

How Much are Electrical Engineers Paid in Nigeria?

The salary range for people working in Nigeria in Electrical & Power Engineering is typically from N76,048 NGN (minimum salary) to N254,161 (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

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Conclusion: Electrical Engineering Companies in Nigeria

In conclusion, These electrical Installation companies work very hard to ensure the production of electricity and electrical devices to make life more convenient and easy for Man.

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