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Cost of Vehicle Registration in Lagos (2024)

What’s the cost of Vehicle registration in Lagos?

Owing a car is a good feeling but it hits differently when all requirements expected to get your car plying on roads are completed in other to avoid disturbance from the Authorities.

The procedures might be time-consuming or maybe arduous but it is important to get it registered to avoid going against the Nigerian traffic rules and regulations because every default has its penalties.

In this article, I’ll give you a clear picture of the cost of vehicle registration in Lagos, vehicle licensing, change of ownership, and cost of the customized vehicle plate numbers. In our recent article, we have already discussed the cost of IVF in Nigeria which you may wish to checkout.

Documents Requirement for Vehicle Registration

To begin with, this is a list of documents required for registering a new car in Nigeria. It is important you have them to save yourself the stress of visiting the registration center one more time. These documents include:

  • Letter of Attestation from the company of purchase
  • Receipt of purchase/invoice
  • Delivery note from the company of purchase
  • Proof of ownership of the car
  • A valid updated Driver’s License
  • Any means of identification such as a National Identity Card or International Passport
  • Utility bills that show proof of current residential address
  • Passport photograph of the car owner.

For newly imported cars, you have to prepare the following as well:

  • Tax identification number
  • Clearance papers obtained from customs
  • Duty certificate of motor vehicles

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Vehicle Registration in Lagos

The car registration process in Lagos is quite different from the details listed above and it’s also time-saving compared to other states in Nigeria. The requirements needed for car registration in Lagos include:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Insurance papers
  • Insurance policy number
  • ID document: national identity card or international passport
  • Proof of current address
  • Proof of car ownership
  • Tax identification number
  • Custom papers (compulsory for imported vehicles)

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Cost of Vehicle Registration in Lagos

The cost of vehicle registration in Lagos is divided into different categories, the details are as follows:

Number Plate

Standard Number Plate – 12,500

Number Plate Renewal – 10,000

Articulated Number Plate – 20,000

Out of Service – 40,000

Fancy Number Plate (Standard) – 80,000

Fancy Number Plate (Motor Cycle) – 30,000

Motorcycle Plate (Ordinary) – 3,000

Number Plate Replacement (Standard) – 10,000

Motor Dealer Plate (Special) – 30,000

Motor Dealers Plate (Ordinary) – 25,000

Cost of Vehicle Registration

Weighing & Registration Fee

Motor Vehicle – 5,000

Motorcycle – 1,250

Change of Ownership

Motor Vehicle – 2,500

Motor Cycle – 625

Capital Gain Tax

Motor Vehicle – 625

Motor Cycle – 625

Other Charges

Police CMR – 1,000

Police Inspection Fee – 500

Custom Processing Fee – 500

Vehicle Licencing

Vehicle Below 1.6cc – 1,250

Vehicle BTW 1.6-2.0cc – 1,875

Vehicle BTW 2.0-3.0cc – 2,500

Vehicle Above 3.0cc – 2,125

Motorcycle Private – 625

Motorcycle Commercial – 1,250


Mini Buses/Pick-Up – 2,500

Hiace Buses – 3,125

Coastal Buses – 3,250

Tipper & Lorries – 3,750

Tankers & Trucks/Luxurious Buses – 6,250

16 Tyres Trailer – 8,750

Tractors & Bulldozers – 2,500

Vehicle Alert – 200

Hackney Permit Charges Vehicle Type

Taxi Cab – 3,525

Car Hire Services – 3,725

Kabukabu – 3,925

A vehicle with the Capacity to Carry 1-21 Passengers – 4,475

A vehicle with the Capacity to Carry more than 21 Passengers but less than 40 Passengers – 5,475

A vehicle with the Capacity to Carry more than 40 Passengers but less than 50 Passengers – 6,475

A vehicle with the Capacity to Carry more than 50 Passengers and above – 8,475

Commercial Vehicles for Goods Above 3 Tons – 3,725

Commercial Vehicles 3 Tons – 4,725

Tankers – 6,475

Tippers – 6,475

Trailers – 6,475

Trucks – 6,225

Interstate – 3,225

Staff Bus – 3,425

Okada – 2,000

Tricycles – 2,000

Drivers License

New License – 6,350

Renewal – 6,350

Learners Permit – 50

Riders Card – 800

Registration of Motor Vehicles & Spare Parts Dealers

Registration of Motor Vehicle Dealers – 100,000

Registration of Motor Vehicle Spare Parts Dealers – 50,000

Registration Form (Motor Vehicles) – 5,000

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Conclusion: Cost of Vehicle Registration in Lagos

In conclusion, I hope this post has explained the cost of vehicle registration in Lagos the process involved, and the requirements to carry out the registration process

Benjamin Targba


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  1. I am yet to meet anyone who paid less than 70k for car registration. The system is so corrupt and broken. Official prices are different from what people are arm twisted to pay Everyone knows it but the relevant authorities do anything about it because the corruption goes all the way to the top. Same thing with drivers licence, travel passport name it. I was so ashamed on behalf of the so called elderly when my 19 year old narrated her experience at the FRSC office. Corruption and impunity in shameless display in broad day light. Thats the nigeria we live in. Sad.

    1. Well…. I registered a car…..Lagos number and I’m in Ekiti.

      The person collected 55k last year…..

      With the calculation here, it’s over 45k.

      And he collect 22k for renewal today…. Which is 19k+ (let’s say 20k) as calculated….
      Which means his charges is just 2k.

  2. I visited one of the Vio office @ Odogunyan for vehicle plate number,I was asked to pay #75,000 for plate number.I have gone through the price list, but couldn’t get such price there. So, where does this price emanate from?

  3. Lagos number plate. How much is cost of renewal. small Hijet truck. Thanks

  4. This is January 2023. How much does it cost to do the above registrations this year.

    1. wish to know present cost of vehicle papers renewal. Motor, Hijet truck (lowest capacity) commercial. thanks.

  5. How much to register a car

  6. How much will it cost to register a bike and how long will it take?

  7. Please I want to find out if you do CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP. Let me know whether yay or nay plz

    1. Hello Kingsley, I don’t do change of ownership. Thanks

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