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Top 10 Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

Private Universities in Nigeria are known to be the best universities in the country and have already taken over federal-owned government universities and because of that, it has left secondary school leavers wanting to avoid all government-owned universities by all means.

This has increased the demand from students seeking to study in Nigerian private Universities, this post will provide you with the cheapest private universities in Nigeria.

Gone are the days when government-owned universities were standard and courses were completed within the stipulated years of study, 4 years of courses were completed in 4 academic years and 5 years of courses in 5 academic years, etc..

It remains very shameful to see a loophole in our government-owned Universities which has brought about a vast decline in the flow running of the educational system in Nigeria.

These days government-owned university students are faced with different drawbacks during their academic pursuit, students now take 5 or more years to study a 4 years course and some even spend up to 7 years studying 5 years of courses due to frequent ASUU strikes and other related strikes.

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However, the case of Private universities is very different because universities are owned and managed by individuals and not the government and are well equipt with good infrastructure, funding, and learning materials

Nowadays students prefer to study in Nigerian private Universities and graduate as soon as possible taking into consideration that private-owned Universities offer the best educational programs and issues of strikes are not observed.

Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

One of the major factors that differentiate government-owned Universities from private-owned Universities is the school fees.

Government Universities are more affordable compared to private Universities, and students from poor backgrounds hardly afford most of these private Universities.

For that reason, we have selected some of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria and their school fees.

1. Obong University Obong-Ntak (Akwa Ibom State)

Obong University was created in 2007 and is formally known as the University of Africa, it is a four-year private university located in Obong-Ntak in Akwa Ibom state, the University is known to be associated with churches and religious bodies.

Over the years Obong University has proven to be one of the best and cheapest universities to study in Nigeria

Obong University Obong-Ntak School Fees

The school fee of this private University is N170,000

2. Oduduwa University Ile-Ife (Osun State)

Odudwa University is one of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria. The University was Established in 2009 after it got its approval to operate as a standard private University of it own. Oduduwa University is located in Osun state and is known for its religious and cultural diversity hence the university consists of students from different parts of the country.

Admissions into Oduduwa University are not so competitive as compared to other Universities, students also stand a chance to be given accommodation on campus, The university offers degree programs in courses cutting across Science and Technology, Arts and Social Science, engineering and lots more…

Oduduwa University Ile-Ife School Fess

Their school fees range from N180,000 to  N200,000 based on the desired program

3. Wellspring University Benin (Edo State)

Wellspring University is a privately owned University located in the big city of Benin in Edo state. It was founded in 2009 and over the years has risen in the population of about 1,000 to 5,000 students It has been approved by NUC and is well accredited to offer some of the most sorts after-science courses in Nigeria.

Lastly, the University is known to be one of the best private Universities in Edo State.

Wellspring University School Fees

Their school fees range from N200,000 to N213,000 depending on the course of study

4. Caritas University Amorji-Nike (Enugu State)

The Caritas University is a Private-owned Catholic University and one of the best catholic Universities in Nigeria, it is well known to be the second Catholic University in Nigeria and has won the hearts of many Nigerian students aspiring to study at a catholic owned University.

Caritas University was officially approved by the federal government in 2004 and was founded by Rev. Fr. Prof. Emmanuel Paul Matthew.

The University offers engineering courses like chemical engineering, computer engineering, and electrical/electronics Engineering and other various courses

Caritas University Amorji-Nike School Fees

As a Catholic University, their school fees range from N280,000 to N450,000

5. Paul University Awkwa (Anambra State)

Paul University is another Catholic University founded by the bishops of the Anglican church in 2009. Their mission is to provide the most comfortable learning environment for students and also to teach students about God. The University is located in Awka the capital city of Anambra state, The university has three major faculties as Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Management & social sciences and the faculty of Natural and applied sciences.

Paul University Awkwa School fees

The University school fees are about N300,000

6. Al-Hikman University Illorin (Kwara State)

As the name implies, Al-hikman University is an Islamic University founded in 2005 by AbdulRaheem Oladimeji. The University is located in the city of Ilorin Kwara State, it came into existence after being approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria on 7 January 2005.

Faculties include Law, Natural and Applied Science, Humanities, etc…

Al-Hikman University Illorin School Fees

The university school fees range from N130,000 to N650,000 depending on the course of study

7. Fountain University Osogbo (Osun State)

Fountain University is a private-owned University of Islamic origin it was founded in 2007 and is located in the suburban setting of the medium city of Osogbo.

If you are asking which state has the cheapest private universities in Nigeria, then you should consider Osun State. Their Mission is to be a pace-setting institution in terms of learning, character-building and service to humanity.

Fountain University School Fees

The Fountain University school fees is around N341,000

8. Rhema University Aba (Abia State)

Rhema University is an accredited private Christian University located in Aba the capital city of Abia State, It was founded by Living Word Ministries International and approved by the National Universities Commission in 2009

The University started Admitting Students in 20014 and has grown to be one of the best private catholic Universities in Abia State Rhema University’s admission rate range is about 80-90% making the least of least selected private Universities in Nigeria.

Rhema University School Fees

The University school fees are about N320,000

9. McPherson University Abeokuta (Ogun State)

McPherson University is also a Private Christian University situated at Abeokuta the capital city of Ogun State, it was founded in 2012 by a group called the Four square Gospels the most interesting fact about the University is that it accepts students from different parts of the country.

Secondary, the university has offered degrees in courses cutting across Social Science, Sciences, arts, and management courses

McPherson University School Fees

The School fees for McPherson University range from N400,000 to N500,000

10. Achievers University Uwo (Ondo State)

Achievers University is Located in Uwo and was founded in 2007 they offer Pre Bachelor and Bachelors degree programs in Courses cutting across Science and Technology, and Arts, Management, and Social Sciences. In Addition, They are also known to have good Infrastructure and Non-stop power supply

Achievers University Uwo School Fees

Their School Fees Range from N400,000 to N500,000


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Conclusion: The Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

In conclusion, I hope this article has provided you with credible information about the cheap private Universities approved by NUC in Nigeria.

Benjamin Targba

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