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Nigerian Wedding Budget List (500k)

Are you planning on having a wedding in Nigeria, this article will walk you through on Nigerian wedding budget list such as 500k and 200k (low-key), and other things needed to have a successful wedding in Nigeria.

Budget or budgeting is a paramount tool that is necessary for many achievements in almost all sectors. This is because it helps one control spending, track expenses, and save more money. Moreover, budgeting can help you make better financial decisions, prepare for emergencies, get out of debt, and stay focused on your long-term financial goals. In a nutshell, the importance of budget or budgeting cannot be under-emphasized as this explains why so many individuals make budgets for their ceremonies including weddings.

Nigerian Wedding Budget List

500K Wedding Budget list

Although wedding ceremonies are events of joy, they tend to be expensive especially in this part of the world that ‘owambe’ has become an anthem. However, budgeting is still necessary to avoid debts before/after the wedding ceremony having it at the back of our minds that no matter how much we spend; people cant be satisfied. Then, why not make budgets?

Well, let’s take a glance at a sample of Nigerian wedding budget list breakdown below:

500K Wedding Budget In Nigeria

Are you preparing for your wedding ceremony? Do you think 500k is too small to hold a joyous wedding ceremony? Hopefully, this sample will go a long way to help you plan your budget as you will see how to channel your funds well based on the proposed number of guests in attendance.  Here is a simple guide you can work with.

1. Location

Wedding venues are always costly and this serves as a major source that saps the wedding budget. For a 500,000 budget wedding, it’s best you look for a wedding venue in less popular areas of town depending on where you live or an open field where you can put up canopies. These fields usually come very cheaply. However, if you must use a hall, then budget a maximum of 50,000. The same location/hall can be used for the traditional wedding as this will save decoration fees and other fees since you are licensed to use the location the whole day.

2. Guest List

You need to be real while drawing out your guest list. Maximum of 100 guests with a budget of 1000 per head on refreshment (food, drinks, water, and whatever). That’s 100,000 Naira for 100 guests. Your spending on food seems much right? This is because it is the most important aspect of the wedding as far as the guests are concerned. Hence, invite guests that you can properly manage!

3. Wedding Dress

No need to buy a new dress. There are so many bridal houses that rent out Bridal wear for an average of N20,000. Many may want to argue they can’t rent bridal wear but how will you feel after your wedding and the designer keeps disturbing you because you are still owing.

As a matter of fact, so many individuals after a number of years into their marriage will look at their bridal wears (especially women) considering the amount of money spent on it, then take it to their designer to amend so it can be worn to other occasions or as a casual dress. Then, why not rent bridal wear since it’s just going to be worn for just a day?

4. Groom’s Outfit

Unlike the wedding dress when people can tell if it’s a wedding dress or not, the groom’s wear is simply a shirt, shoes, and suit. Save cost on this by dry-cleaning what your man already has. A well-dry-cleaned suit and shirt will still sparkle anyways.

5. Decoration

Directly or indirectly, we have got friends who know about decorations.  Why not have a word with her/him? All you need is a touch of your wedding colors draped around, some center tables, and stage covering. Budget 30,000 and tell them you want to see how achievable it is before the deal day.

6. Wedding Shoes

If by chance you have nice shoes before your wedding program, then, go for it. On the contrary, women will always want to get something new in this section. If you must buy new ones, they budget 5,000 on your bridal shoes.

7. DJ/Band

Entertainment is very essential in ceremonies especially a wedding ceremony. You need to keep the vibes alive so it won’t look too much as if you’re operating a low-budget ceremony. On this note, look for a band or DJ you are familiar with. Budget 30,000 for this.

8. MC

Wedding MCs bring out the fun side of the bride and groom and entertains the guests in general so this is almost a necessity. Budget 30,000 for this as well.

9. Wedding Cake

For your wedding cake, you can budget another 30,000. Endeavor to get good bakers that their charges are not too much. They’ll be able to work with your budget.

10. Makeup

If you can do your own makeup. Great! If not, get a friend who can. Peradventure you don’t find anyone willing to help, budget 20,000 and invite a makeup artist.

11. Bridal Hair

Wash and curl up the weapon you have at hand. No point buying Brazillian hair that will end up in wraps on your wedding day. Fix the hair before your wedding and just have your makeup artist style the hair for you after makeup.

12. Photography/Video Coverage

Another essential area you must be willing to spend on as this goes a long way to serve as a remembrance for the occasion. The pictures will be with you for a long time to come. For photography and video coverage, budget 100,000

13. Invitation Cards

Get a printer to design and print for you. For 100 copies, budget
N10,000 and if by chance you can design, do it and go to the press for printing only.
That brings us to a total of 430,000. Keep the remaining 70,000 for unforeseen expenses.

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Things Needed for a Simple Wedding in Nigeria (Breakdown)

Things Needed for a Simple Wedding in Nigeria

A vital aspect of the wedding ceremony is the listing of items and services you need for the event. Below is a  random list of 146 things you might need for a wedding ceremony. The list is categorized under bridal accessories, groom accessories, wedding emergency kit, wedding key players’ accessories, ceremony items and services, reception items and services, and logistics and services.

Bridal Accessories

  1. Bouquet
  2. Jewellery set
  3. Wedding dress
  4. Bridal veil
  5. Weavon or Extensions
  6. Hair-do service
  7. Make-up accessories/service
  8. Hair accessories
  9. Bridal Shoes
  10. Manicure and Pedicure
  11. Tiara
  12. Bridal Hand fan
  13. Clutch bag
  14. Brides glove (optional)

Groom Accessories

  1. Wedding Suit or Tuxedo
  2. Shoes
  3. Wrist-watch
  4. Pocket handkerchief
  5. Cufflink
  6. Waist belt
  7. Neck Tie or Cravat
  8. Grooms glove (optional)
  9. Waist coat (optional)
  10. Groom haircut/beard shave

Emergency Kit

  1. Antacid
  2. Pain reliever
  3. Mouth spray
  4. Razor or Scissors
  5. A shrug or bridal cardigan
  6. Hanker chief
  7. Sewing Needle
  8. Thread
  9. Hair pin
  10. White chalk
  11. Wet wipes
  12. Make-up kit
  13. Safety pins

Wedding Key Players’ Accessories

  1. Flower Girl dress
  2. Ring bearer suit
  3. Maid of Honour Dress
  4. Best Man Suite
  5. Parents of the bride and groom attire
  6. Matching attires for family members
  7. Bridesmaid’s dresses
  8. Bridesmaid bouquets
  9. Flower girl basket
  10. Groomsmen suits/tux
  11. Wrist Corsages and Boutonnieres

Ceremony Items and Services

  1. Ceremony Venue Fee
  2. Marriage License
  3. Seats
  4. Aisle runner
  5. Ring plate
  6. Small fancy cloth for a ring or a ring bearer pillow
  7. Wedding rings
  8. Officiant fee

Reception Items and Services

  1. Reception Venue Fee
  2. Car parks
  3. Canopy
  4. Dance Floor
  5. Dishes
  6. Drinking Glasses
  7. Chairs
  8. Table cloth
  9. Chair cloth
  10. Tables
  11. Food
  12. Salt shakers
  13. Snacks
  14. Table cloth
  15. Cake Knife
  16. Cake spatula
  17. Wine
  18. Cock screw
  19. Drinks
  20. Water supply and storage units
  21. Paper Napkin
  22. Serviette
  23. Disposable plates and cutlery
  24. Toothpick
  25. Souvenirs/favors
  26. Gift for parents, officiant, and other service staff
  27. Place cards
  28. Cake bags
  29. Serving trays

Logistics and Services

Under logistics and services, you would consider items and services for decorations, photography/videography, bakery, catering service, ushers/attendants accessories, signs and posters, and other essentials.

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  1. Altarpiece
  2. Ceremony and reception venue decorations
  3. Bridal and Grooms Chair décor (Reception)
  4. Bride’s and groom’s car decorations
  5. Table and chair decorations
  6. Flowers
  7. Curtains
  8. Centerpiece
  9. High table decorations
  10. Car ribbon
  11. Room Air Fresheners
  12. Wedding Decorator Service Fee


  1. Wedding Photographer Service fee
  2. Bridal portraits
  3. Videography service fee


  1. Service Fee
  2. Wedding Cake
  3. Cake Topper (optional)
  4. Cake Sparklers (optional)

Catering service

  1. Kitchen facility
  2. Large cooking
  3. Cooking pots and pans
  4. Basins
  5. Dish Washing Agent
  6. Serving Spoons and Spatulas
  7. Measuring cups
  8. Mixing Bowl
  9. Stove/Cooker
  10. Fuel for cooking
  11. Kitchen utensils
  12. Catering service fee or favors


  1. Uniforms and identifying tags

Signs and Posters

  1. Wedding direction signs
  2. Reserved Seating signs
  3. Easels for signs
  4. ‘Just married’ sign for the couple’s vehicle

How to do a Low-Key Wedding in Nigeria


  1. MC (Master of Ceremony)
  2. Entertainer (optional service)
  3. Toilet facility
  4. Garbage bag and Dust bin
  5. Hand towels
  6. Toilet fresheners
  7. Toilet Papers
  8. Water Storage Unit
  9. Recharge card
  10. Security (service fee)
  11. Emergency Unit
  12. Lightings
  13. Generator
  14. Adaptor and cable extensions
  15. Fuel for car
  16. Vehicles (Car and bus Transportation for the bride, groom and groomsmen, bridesmaid, parents, elderly relatives)
  17. Guest room (lodging arrangement for distant and important guest)
  18. DJ service
  19. Sound system
  20. Microphones
  21. CDs of wedding music
  22. Ice blocks
  23. Coolers
  24. Program
  25. Invitations

How to plan your wedding with 200,000 in Nigeria (Lowkey)

Not everyone can afford a 500k wedding in Nigeria and in most cases, even the 500k might not be enough for some people depending on the budget. However, if you are looking for how to plan your lowkey wedding with 200k in Nigeria; first of all understand that you will have to do away with so many things.

Above, we have provided a list of things needed for a wedding in Nigeria, just assess the items and pick out the ones you don’t need, and buy the ones you can afford.

“Wedding is a ceremony, Marriage a journey”

In the end, a big wedding does not guarantee a successful marriage.

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Conclusions: Nigerian Wedding Budget list (500k)

Wedding ceremonies can tend to be very expensive! However, you can plan a wedding ceremony with less than 500k as seen in the details above. All you need to do is plan a Nigerian wedding budget list, follow and execute it! Then, you have a home free of debts after your wedding ceremony. Never forget, ‘cut your cloth according to your size’.

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