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Nigerian Wedding Reception Program Samples & Cover

The Nigerian wedding reception program is as important as the wedding itself because If you attend a wedding and there is no proper wedding reception program, it will be so disappointing because no one would want to miss that palatable wedding rice after spending hours in the church.

Needless to say, the most common reason why people love weddings is because of the refreshment that comes with the celebration. In fact, a good wedding reception is a sign that yes; the wedding was perfectly done.

A wedding reception program is an event that follows just before couples have just tied the not in the church. It is set aside somewhere far or sometimes near the church where the newly weeded couples together with families and friends can enjoy, dance, eat celebrate and make merry.

If you are planning on having a wedding soon, probably a 500k wedding budget list and looking out for the perfect Nigerian wedding reception program, cover and sample.

Even if you are the MC tagged with the responsibility of handling the reception program it will still go a long way, then consider the following tips.

As a couple, it is very important to raise enough money as possible to have a memorable wedding reception and

Nigerian Wedding Reception Program of Events Sample & Cover

Nigerian Wedding Reception Program

A typical Nigerian wedding reception program should follow the following protocols

1. Arrival of Couples, Families & Guests

There will be no reception if people are not involved right?, Usually the arrival of guests is always the first on the program of events not just a wedding reception but any other reception you could think of.

Under this section or protocol, dignities are recognized and asked to sit at the high table where they are honoured with the best possible meal. In the same vein families, friends and individuals are arranged accordingly in their respective settings.

2. Opening Speech & Prayer by The CPC Chairman

Usually in this scenario, the central planning committee chairman could be called upon to make a welcome speech or even say an opening prayer to invite God to take charge of the reception program till the end

3. Introduction Speech

A special introduction is required at an arrangement like a wedding reception. It is under this section that dignities are called upon to sit on the high table and if there are any representatives they can likewise occupy the high table

4. Introduction of the Bride and Groom

At this juncture, the bride and groom are called upon to match to their special sit why dancing, chanting, celebrations and clapping are going on for them.

This is the key moment for the MC and DJ as they are tasked with the responsibility of giving the couples an endowing moment of disco with the MC echoing as they walk to their seats

In Nigeria, most of the people who attend weddings are probably strangers to the celebrants and all they want is to have fun and chill. There are people that hardly miss “Owambe” turn-up in Nigeria. It is important everyone knows who the bride and groom are.

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5. Serving of Food and Drinks (item 7)

Here comes the section where all eyes are focused and fingers are crossed. In fact, a wedding reception program is worthless if there is not enough to eat and drink.

Item 7 gets its name from the wedding programme. Initially, Refreshment falls in Item no. 7 in wedding programmes.

But with time, more things are introduced into the programme making refreshments fall anywhere. and now, irrespective of the event, it’s still called item 7.

I wish to say that if you are in charge of serving food at any reception program ensure it reaches to everybody because the hearts of disappointed people who couldn’t get wedding rice could stab you to death so always attend to everybody.

The pain of not being served wedding rice is one that no one would like to encounter so it is always advisable to use disposable plates and cups when serving so it can reach a larger number of people.

Conclusively, members of the high table get the best share of any food or drink served in a wedding reception program and if by chance you are called upon to represent someone, that feeling is heavenly

6. Cutting of Cake

In this area, the caterer is called upon to present the cake, the person, first of all, will start by explaining the constituents of the cake the colours of the cake are briefly discussed and the baker at this juncture explains what each colour of the cake represents.

Wedding cakes are usually big in size, but what I don’t like at any wedding reception is that just a few portions of the cake are sliced and given out for consumption why the larger portion is reserved it makes me wonder the rationale behind leaving over a large piece of cake and cutting just a few pieces for people to eat.

In the process of cutting the cake, the bride and groom are called upon to take the life and cut the cake as the MC and audience chant and count numbers to 3.

7. Toast to the Latest Couple in Town

Toat, toast and more toast come next on the item. The bridge and groom are made to join hands together while chanting, and singing disco and the rest goes on

8. The Couple’s First Dance

If you are planning to wed, try and learn how to dance ooh. don’t let your spouse dance and leave you behind.

This is the most epic and entertaining moment of the Nigerian wedding reception program, the new couple takes centre stage and shows everyone their dancing steps. The MC challenges the wife to show she’s the best dancer while also doing the same to the husband. It is normally competitive but fun and intense.

After the couple’s dance, the father dances with the daughter (the bride) while the groom also dances with his mother. In case the parents are deceased, an elderly person can always represent them.

9. Bouquet and Garter Toss

This section comes with massive fun and merry since most of the groomsmen and bridal train are always single and looking forward to getting married as well.

The bride tosses her bouquet to the single woman in attendance, whoever catches is expected to be next in line for marriage.

After this, a chair is set at the centre of the dance floor for the bride to sit on. As she sits, the groom removes the garter from her leg and tosses it to all the single men in attendance. Whoever catches is expected to be next in line for marriage.

10 Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

Under this section, friends and the entire congregation can join in to dance and celebrate together with the bride and groom. Pictures are snapped, videos are recorded and hereafter you can see girls posting on Facebook with captions “Saturdays are for weddings” lol

11. Presentation of Gifts to the Couples

The wedded couples are presented with gifts from families, a committee of friends and all well-wishers. In this section, the couples receive a lot of gifts to take home and build the family, people offer money and any other good item they can afford to buy such as a set of plates, pots, it could also be a fridge, and bed and other cooking utensils.

11. Closing Prayer/Departure

Here comes the ending of the Nigerian wedding reception program, the closing prayer can be said by either the CPC chairman or any random person who can be called upon to close the event in prayer followed by departure.

How To MC a Wedding Reception Program in Nigeria

How To MC A Wedding Reception Program in Nigeria

MCs are underrated even though they play a crucial role in trying to lighten up the moods of the audience and celebrants at any event or reception. The work of an MC should never be underrated because without them events will be boring and absurd.

Mceeing a Wedding Reception

If you are an MC who is looking forward to MC the reception of the wedding but is nervous maybe because it’s your first time, then follow this brief guide on how to MC a wedding reception perfectly in Nigeria.

1. Learn How to Manage Time

To MC a wedding reception perfectly well try as much as possible to understand the schedule of the event, While it’s not your party, you’re the one in charge of making it a success.

As the MC, it’s your job to keep the event moving forward in a timely manner, keeping to the schedule and helping as best you can so as not to waste people’s time.

2. Make Announcements

MC’s are known for making announcements and taking the event from one stage to another, try to distinguish between things you’ll need to announce into the microphone and things that might be okay to say to everyone as they come in the door, or by going around table-to-table and talking to everyone. If you label the presents table, for instance, you won’t need to make a big to-do of announcing it every five minutes when people come in.

3. Chill Out

It can be somewhat stressful coordinating everything, making announcements, and making sure everyone gets from place to place.

Still, try to remember: It’s a party! Have fun, relax, and let people have a good time. try to let people know what’s supposed to happen, but if the groomsmen are boisterously toasting the groom in the corner when it’s five minutes past cake-cutting time, try to get into the swing of things and let loose a bit.

4. Posses the Skill of Communication

To MC a wedding in Nigeria, you don’t have to use big grammar for people to hear in fact, our local street but cool language is preferred.

Nevertheless, becoming a good MC is a special skill and talent that needs to be constantly practiced so always learn to improve the way you talk and communicate with the audience. A good and vibrant MC attracts the audience’s attention

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Conclusion: Nigerian Wedding Reception Program Samples & Cover

Conclusively, choosing a good place for your wedding program should never be ignored, Having a good wedding reception program in Nigeria in a comfortable and conducive environment is heavenly

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