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Top 15 Factoring Companies in South Carolina

In this business guide, you will discover some top factoring companies in South Carolina, United States.

It’s normal for small businesses to have a lack of cash even though the enterprise is performing well. Startups are especially susceptible to this, as their founders frequently find themselves gazing at a backlog of outstanding bills from clients. Even though money will eventually arrive, waiting for it can cause a business to stall.

Factoring your bills is one approach to escaping this hole. The benefit of factoring is that it puts money in your pocket, allowing you to keep a stable cash flow and stay out of trouble with those to who you owe money. But not all firms benefit from factoring; some do better with conventional loans.

If you’re thinking about factoring, we’ve looked at several possibilities and picked the services we believe work best for different kinds of businesses. The information about factoring services and our top choices is provided below.

Top 15 Factoring Companies in South Carolina

The best factoring companies for small businesses in South Carolina have been chosen through comparison shopping. To simplify your purchasing options, compare business services and costs.

1. eCapital


First on our list is eCapital. Small and medium-sized enterprises have long benefited from the factoring services offered by eCapital. It provides consistent, dependable financing at substantial advance rates. Reviews of eCapital commend its strategic alliances and innovative technology, which swiftly gives clients extra money.

Additionally, it increases their level of financial control. With payback terms of up to 90 days, eCapital advances up to 90% of the customer’s invoice value. Additionally, it offers cash flow alternatives created for the majority of business funding models.

The risk is taken on by eCapital Commercial Finance. This implies that the approval process will not take into account your own credit record or score.

2. Bluevine

Factoring Companies in South Carolina

The ideal factoring firm for quick funding at reasonable prices is Bluevine. It is among the most well-known and respected invoice factoring businesses around. That’s a result of their substantial factoring lines, competitive rates, and dedication to quick funding.

Up to $5 million in factoring lines are available from Bluevine. Their weekly factoring charges begin at just 0.25%. Quick approval is granted.

You can receive approval for firms that require immediate funding in only 24 hours. The application process is simple and adaptable. Depending on the quality of your consumers, you may be able to obtain larger credit limits.

3. TCI Business Capital

TCI Business Capital

TCI Business Capital is the next company on our list of the best factoring companies in South Carolina. One of the most dependable factoring companies in the USA is still TCI. But there are a few issues with the business’ transparency procedures. Although the minimum income requirement is a little greater

than usual, it also has a few fantastic features to present. For instance, you can check out your clients’ credits, fund your account in a variety of methods, and receive fuel discounts for your trucking company. You must decide if all of this offsets covert rates.

4. Resolve

Factoring Companies in South Carolina

Resolve is a cutting-edge non-recourse invoice finance business that supports B2B retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

They support them in providing net terms and taking on the payment risk for their clients. Currently, they collaborate with more than a thousand businesses, such as Linus Venice, ConEquip, and Zark LED.

Resolve describes itself as a net terms-as-a-service as opposed to a conventional factoring business. Resolve, in contrast to other non-recourse factoring companies, takes on the responsibility for your customer’s non-payment.

A “silent” credit check is conducted by the factoring service, which has no impact on business credit ratings. It guarantees that your company won’t be responsible for any outstanding invoices

5. altLINE

Factoring Companies in South Carolina

altLINE is an outstanding invoice factoring company that distinguishes out due to its reasonable costs. They stand out in particular because they provide funds directly, without the use of a middleman. altLINE is a subsidiary of the Southern Bank Company.

Unlike third-party suppliers, they are not required to impose additional borrowing fees. As a result of them not nickel-and-diming you with fees, business owners can gain from some of these savings.

Additionally, since there is no application charge, employing their service will save you more and more money.

AltLINE provides finance for accounts receivable in addition to invoice factoring.

6. Triumph Business Capital

Triumph Business Capital

It’s very surprising that transportation and freight companies favour Triumph Business Capital as their factoring provider.

Triumph is a favourite of freight businesses for invoice factoring. This is due to the fact that they are aware of the difficulties involved in freight brokerage, their ability to function, and how cash moves within their organizations.

Triumph was given the Preferred Provider designation by the Transportation Intermediaries Association as a result of their excellent service to trucking and freight firms.

7. Riviera Finance Riviera

Factoring Companies in South Carolina

Finding a factoring company that doesn’t have unreasonable requirements for its clients is always a wonderful thing. Riviera Finance accepts bills regardless of how past due they are, which is a major benefit. That cannot be provided, not even by some of the top factoring businesses in the industry.

Furthermore, the lender will grant you upwards of 95% of the invoiced amount without checking your credit or your experience in the business.

These are only a few of the primary explanations for why Riviera can end up being your preferred choice.

8. Breakout Capital

Breakout Capital

A very versatile invoice factoring option is available from Breakout Capital, which is excellent for both new and small firms. Small firms have greater flexibility when it comes to when they must repay Breakout Capital because of the very adjustable payback timeline they provide.

They also provide a fantastic service by the name of “FactorAdvantage.” It’s a tailored option for organizations that don’t fit the requirements of other lenders and factoring firms.

9. RTS Financial

RTS Financial

RTS Financial might not be precisely the best factoring provider for transportation and freight enterprises. This is a result of its lack of pricing transparency. However, there are a lot of other reasons to appreciate this business.

For instance, it might assist you with your daily cash flow requirements. Additionally, RTS offers you a superb desktop and mobile app that you can utilize for any important trucking-related duties.

10. Nav


Nav serves as an intermediary between borrowers and financial institutions. Nav can assist you in locating the ideal factoring firm for your corporation because of its partnerships with different organizations.

The business also provides services for tracking and keeping an eye on credit scores. As a result, it can aid in raising your FICO score and enable you to qualify for invoice factoring with a favourable footing for payback.

11. Paragon Financial Group

Paragon Financial Group

Non-recourse factoring business Paragon is not hesitant to take on even risky projects with tax or low credit difficulties. Rates for it begin at about 1.25%. As a result, Paragon is among the top factoring companies for manufacturers, employment firms, and truckers.

Sadly, the company’s requirement for a minimum monthly sales of $30,000 may drive away smaller enterprises. The $10 million maximum limit, though, offers it a wide range.

12. Fundbox


Invoice finance is something you might want to think about if none of the company factoring services we’ve mentioned here seems to be a good fit for you.

This is a funding option for small businesses that Fundbox provides without having to sell your accounts receivable.

People who want availability to a line of credit with set costs and no pre-payment fines can look into this business.

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Conclusion: Factoring Companies in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the top places in which to launch a company in the United States. Do you deal with a lot of invoices in your line of work? Regardless of size, all businesses experience unpaid invoices.

However, it is a particularly discouraging reality with extremely disastrous effects for small business owners.

Invoice factoring can be a good option for your company if you’re short on cash and you have outstanding invoices.

There are factoring organizations that can undoubtedly assist you in doing the process flawlessly.

We have highlighted the top fifteen factoring companies in South Carolina.

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