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Dubai Trip Cost Per Person From Nigeria

Do you intend to go from Lagos to Dubai? If this is the case, you should be aware of the airline ticket and cost of trip per person from Lagos, Nigeria to Dubai. You should keep in mind that the flight prices are not fixed.

Several variables influence the price, including the date and hour of your reservation. After you’ve taken care of all of these details, coming to Dubai for a vacation or a visit shouldn’t be too difficult to afford.

In this article, we have emphasized the cost from Nigeria to Dubai.

Dubai Trip Cost Per Person From Nigeria

There are numerous flights from Lagos, Nigeria, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Several airlines operate flights from Nigeria to Dubai.

The cheapest flights from Nigeria to Dubai are provided by Emirates Airlines and Egypt Air. Though there may be others who are less expensive than these two, their services have outweighed their costs.

If you book with the airline, you can apply for these jobs through their agents or their service platforms. You should expect to pay between 300 AED (about N31,400) for your visa while flying with Emirates.

Dependent on when you book, you may obtain a direct flight on Emirates Airlines for as little as N300,000. Emirates now runs two daily nonstop flights from Lagos to Dubai. This is the quickest way to get to the city.

Other airlines have cheaper options, with prices starting at N170,000 based on when you book. Other airlines, such as Etihad Airways, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines, fly to Dubai with technical stops in their respective hubs. They’re cost-effective in some ways.

Lagos to Dubai Flight Price in Nigeria

How much does it cost to fly from Lagos to Dubai? The cost of a flight from Lagos to Dubai varies depending on the airline. The average flight price for this trip is $587.2, according to our research.
We’ll look at flight ticket pricing from Nigeria to Dubai, concentrating on a few prominent airlines.

We will list the rates from the minimum to the utmost range due to the fluctuating pricing of aeroplane tickets.

Emirates Air

Economy: 250, 000 – 600, 000

Business Class: 1, 300, 000 – 1, 800, 000

Ethiopian Airlines

Economy: 180, 000 – 450, 000

Business Class: 690, 000 – 900, 000

Etihad Airways

Economy: 250, 000 – 500, 000


Economy: 200, 000 – 400, 000

Business Class: 800, 000 – 1, 300, 000

South African Airways

Economy: 390, 000 – 600, 000

Kenyan Airways

Economy: 280, 000 – 400, 000

Business Class: 500, 000 – 680, 000

Turkish Airways

Economy: 350, 000 – 650, 000
Business Class: 650, 000 – 900, 000


Business class: 650, 000 – 800, 000

Is it also cheaper to fly directly from Lagos to Dubai or to make a stopover? Booking a connecting flight will save you a lot of money. You may argue that flights with stopovers are inconvenient, but they are frequently the most cost-effective.

You will save between 25 and 55 percent. The cost of a connecting flight starts at $482. The direct flight tickets are just too expensive — $820.

What is the difference between a round-trip and a one-way flight from Lagos to Dubai?

When comparing airline ticket pricing, it can be noted that the cost differential between a round-trip and a one-way flight ticket is not considerable. When booking a one-way flight, the main advantage is flexibility. A round-trip ticket, on the other hand, maybe less difficult to book.

How Many Hours From Nigeria to Dubai by Flight?

Let’s take a look at the flight times from Lagos to Dubai. Lagos to Dubai is a 5883-kilometre flight. Direct flights from Lagos to Dubai take 7 hours and 20 minutes on average. The flight time is 7 hours 40 minutes on average.

Flights with stopovers take the shortest time (9 hours 30 minutes).

The first flight of the day takes off at 8:25 a.m. At 08:25, the last flight of the day takes off.

How Many Hours From Nigeria to Dubai by Road?

Is it feasible to go by road from Nigeria to Dubai? Is it possible for me to drive from Nigeria to Dubai? Yes, it is conceivable.
The length between Nigeria and Dubai is 9243 kilometres. The entire time spent driving is 128 hours and 12 minutes. Your journey begins in the Nigerian city of Lagos. Everything comes to a close in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nigeria is approximately 5235 kilometres from Dubai.

So, if you go at a constant 50 kilometres per hour, you’ll arrive in Dubai in 176 hours and 9 minutes. Furthermore, airlines are the most convenient mode of transportation between Nigeria and Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cost of a Trip to Dubai from Nigeria

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about how much a trip from Nigeria to Dubai costs.

What are the travel restrictions in Dubai?

Domestic travel is not prohibited, but there are several restrictions:

COVID-19 safety requirements must be followed. Approval, testing, and quarantine may be required for domestic border crossings.

Long-distance travel by plane, train, or coach, as well as some public venues, requires a health permit.

How much does a flight from Nigeria to Dubai cost?

Abuja to Dubai, Lagos to Dubai, and Kano to Dubai are by far the most frequent flight routes from Nigeria to Dubai. Furthermore, the least expensive flight from Nigeria to Dubai is from Lagos to Dubai, where tickets start at 100,000.

What is the cheapest method to travel from Nigeria to Dubai?

Flying is the easiest and most cost-effective way to travel from Nigeria to Dubai. This method costs between $260 and $1,500 and takes 9h 13m.

What is the distance between Nigeria and Dubai?

Nigeria and Dubai are 5276 kilometres apart. The total distance travelled is 9243.3 kilometres.

What is the time difference between Nigeria and Dubai?

The journey from Nigeria to Dubai takes around 9h 13m, including transfers.

What is the duration of the flight from Nigeria to Dubai?

The direct trip from Lagos Airport to Dubai Airport takes 7 hours and 20 minutes

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Conclusion: Dubai Trip Cost Per Person From Nigeria

Dubai has long been a dream destination for tourists from all around the world. It is among the most renowned tourist destinations in the world. Dubai, without a doubt, takes the top spot as the country’s flashiest location.

Air tickets are getting progressively easier to obtain as more airlines operate between Nigeria and Dubai. Low-cost Dubai flights are available from everywhere in the world. The cost of trip per person from Dubai to Nigeria was discussed in this article.

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