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Peace Mass Transit Price List 2022

In this information guide, you will discover the latest on Peace Mass Transit Price List 2022.

With your safety being the most paramount of all, you stumbled on this post in a bid to quench your thirst for a reliable means of transit for your journey across the federation. Relax, as you are however on the right page as this post tends to unveil one of the best transportation companies in Nigeria and her current price list.

Peace Mass Transit, a subsidiary of Peace Group was established by Chief Sam Maduka Onyishi on the 3rd of June, 1996. Peace Mass Transit also simply referred to as PMT, is considered as one of the best transportation companies in Nigeria.

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The company’s buses commute passengers to different parts of the countries with at least over 30, 000 customers/passengers per day. With the level of fame, trust and accountability the company has achieved over the years, one would think the cost of transit will be high. This is however not so as the cost is affordable and arguably the lowest of the best transportation companies in the country.

Apparently, the company engages in inter/intrastate transit. The company also offers courier, rental services and other transport-related services.

The transportation company which started initially with two buses has developed so much over the years with hundreds of buses now available to convey commuters. Below is the current PMT price list for your perusal.

Peace Mass Transit Price List 2022

With PMT, there is nothing like hidden charges as there is always an updated price list to check before making payment. Below is a table showing the price list of Peace Mass Transit with the departure and destination included.

TerminalDeparture to Destination LocationPrice
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Enugu₦1,350
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Abuja₦6,550
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Aba₦1,550
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Port Harcourt₦2,050
Afikpo TerminalAfikpo – Abakaliki₦950
Ajegunle TerminalAjegunle – Enugu₦6,750
Ajegunle TerminalAjegunle – Abakaliki₦6,750
Ajegunle TerminalAjegunle – Umuahia₦6,750
AjegunleAjegunle – Aba₦6,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Port Harcourt₦7,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Enugu₦7,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Owerri₦6,750
Ajah TerminalAjah – Onitsha₦7,750
Aba TerminalAba to Abuja₦6,450
Aba TerminalAba – Onitsha₦1,450
Aba TerminalAba – Yenegoa₦1,650
Aba TerminalAba – Calabar₦2,150
Aba TerminalAba – Enugu₦1,550
Aba TerminalAba – Ibadan₦5,750
Aba TerminalAba – Nnewi₦1,350
Ejigbo TerminalEjigbo – Onitsha₦5,750
Ejigbo TerminalEjigbo – Obollo Afor₦6,750
Ejigbo TerminalEjigbo – Enugu₦6,750
Gwagalada TerminalGwagalada – Nsukka₦5,050
Gwagalada TerminalGwagalada – Enugu₦5,450
Gwagalada TerminalGwagalada – Onitsha₦5,950
Gwagalada TerminalGwagalada – Aba₦7,750
Gwagalada TerminalGwagalada – Lagos₦8,250
Ibadan TerminalIbadan – Abuja₦11,250
Ibadan TerminalIbadan – Aba₦9,550
Ibadan TerminalIbadan – Onitsha₦8,550
Ikorodu TerminalIkorodu – Abuja₦7,750
Ikorodu TerminalIkorodu – Port Harcourt₦7,250
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Kaduna₦11,250
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Aba₦8,750
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Abuja₦10,250
Jibowu TerminalJibowu – Enugu₦8,250
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Lagos₦8,750
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Enugu₦5,950
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Nsukka₦4,950
Maraba TerminalMaraba – Jos₦2,550
Ojuelegba TerminalOjuelegba – Owerri₦7,050
Ojuelegba TerminalOjuelegba – Kaduna₦10,750
Ojuelegba TerminalOjuelegba – Uyo₦8,750
Yenegoa TerminalYenegoa – Benin₦1,550
Yenegoa TerminalYenegoa – Lagos₦5,150

How To Book A Peace Mass Transit Ticket

Peace Mass Transit ticket is one the easiest to get as you can book your ticket online/offline. There are however many ways to book PMT tickets for travelling. You can either book in the park or at the nearest terminal over the counter or via the PMT website.

After deciding you want to travel through Peace Mass Transit then you can book a ticket online, via their website at Pmt and ensure you follow the processes below.

  • Launch your browser and visit theΒ link to Peace Mass Transit;
  • Scroll down to the section where we have β€œBook Now” or β€œPMT – Transport Reservation” then click on Book Now;
  • You will be presented with a form where you will input your travel details e.g. where you are travelling from and where your destination is also with the date and passenger numbers e.t.c.;
  • After filling in the details you need to verify the captcha and also click β€œFind a Bus”;
  • Select a seat and make your payment with your ATM card;
  • After successful payment, you will get your ticket details and also on your email address;

You also can get your tickets purchased on other trusted third-party websites e.g., the process is as simple as purchasing on PMT official website.

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Peace Mass Transit Branch Location & Phone Numbers

For more detailed info or physical interaction, below is the full list of every branch of PMT in Nigeria, the contact numbers are up to date.

Aba Terminal13, Asa Road, Aba, Abia State08055091828
Abakaliki Terminal25A, Afikpo Road Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.08055091816
Abakpa TerminalLiberty Junction, By Ogwuago/Obinagu Road, Abakapa, Enugu State08056697088
Afikpo Terminal7, Ngodo Road, Amangbalia, Afikpo North, Ebonyi State07055792617
Ajah TerminalAjiwe, Opp. Micheal and Solomon House, Ajah, Lagos State07055792630
Ajegunle Terminal6, Achakpo Street, Off Mba Street, Ajegunle, Lagos State08056697070
Akure TerminalIfe-Ibadan Expressway,Along Ife Road, Opp. Swan Hotel, Akure, Ondo State08056697069
Asaba TerminalAsaba08055091810
Abubaka, MararabaBy last Bus stop, Keffi Road08055091822
Abuja, Bwarisahagari Road, Opposite Market08056697034
Abuja, GwagwaladaOpposite Brifina Hotel, Gwagwalada, Abuja08055091833
Abuja, KubwaKubwa08055091830
Abuja, KujeGwagwalada Road, Near Secretariat Junction, Kuje, Abuja.08055091858
Abuja, Utako39 Ajose Adeogun Street, Utako, Fct, Abuja08055091829
Abuja, ZubaZuba08055091831
Benin Terminal117, Akpakpava Road, By 2nd Junction, Benin City, Edo State08056697034
Bwari Terminal9, Shagari Road, Opposite Market, Bwari, Abuja08056697034
Calabar Terminal56, Bedwell Street, Behind WATT Market, Calabar, Cross River08055091834
Demorose Terminal106, Old Ojo Road, Near Agboju Market, Church Bus Stop, Lagos State08056697004
Ejigbo TerminalIlepo Bus-Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos State08056697005
Enugu,GarkiOpposite Garki Market, Enugu07055794026
Enugu – EzikeEnugu-Ezike08055091832
Ojota TerminalFlyover Bridge, Ketu Road, Beside Biode Garage, Ojota, Lagos State08150461820
Ojuelegba Terminal9/10 Western Avenue, Ojuelegba Roundabout, Opp. Abalti Barracks, Lagos State08055091827
Oshodi TerminalCharity Bustop, Opp. Army Resettlement Centre, Lagos State08056697095
Orile Iganmu Terminal10, Badagry Expressway, By Church Bustop, Orile Iganmu, Lagos State08055091826
Enugu Terminal1, Christ Chemist Roundabout, Enugu State08055091825
Ibadan TerminalSamonda Old Airport, UI, Sango Road, Ibadan08055091851
Ibafo TerminalNear Ibafo, Police Station, Opposite Internal Revenue, Ibafo, Ogun State08056697049
Ikorodu Terminal9, Sagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State08056697002
Port Harcourt TerminalOpposite Bori Camp, Rumuola, Port Harcourt08055091822
Ilorin Terminal1, Ogba Dam Road, Opp. Stella Obasanjo Hall, Offa Garage Road, Ilorin, Kwara State08055091849
Jibowu Terminal7, Ikorodu Road, By Traffic Light, Opposite Chisco Motors, Jibowu, Lagos State08056697003
Jos TerminalTerminus Market, Jos08055091842
Kaduna TerminalPlot 1416, By Command Junction, Along Nnamdi Azikwe Expressway, Kaduna State07055792632
Nyanya TerminalNyanya, Abuja08056697087
Maza-maza TerminalMaza-maza07055792627
Nnewi Terminal4/5 Owerri Road, By Nwafor Orizu Roundabout, Anambra State08056697009
Nsukka Terminal64, Enugu Road, Nsukka, Enugu State08055091817
Minna TerminalDavid Mark Road, Opp. INEC Office, Niger State08056697027
Onitsha Terminal103, Oguta Road, Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra State08055091818
Warri Terminal118 Warri – Sapele Road, Off Airport Junction, By Orokodudu Junction, Delta State08056697041
Yenegoa Terminal783, Okutukutu, Mbaiama, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State08055091855


Although God is the only sure of security, it’s important to take security measures while embarking on a journey. This you can do via PMT.

However, be notified that the Peace Mass Transit price list is subject to change as so many factors can be responsible for such.

Benjamin Targba
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