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How To Become Bigi Drinks Distributor in Nigeria

Are you an entrepreneur that has continually wondered how to start a soft drink business in Nigeria? If this is your predicament, you need to worry less as this article is set to unveil the easiest approach and the procedures involved. However, with Bigi drinks being one of the most popular drinks companies here in Nigeria, the article will then be narrowed to How to become Bigi drinks distributor in Nigeria. Happy reading!

Why Bigi Drink?

Having a source of income is relatively risky and more dangerous as a Nigerian as the source can be blocked without any prior notice and as such, most times, individuals ensure they diversify their source of income.

Thus, one of the easiest lucrative businesses one can venture into with substantial and affordable capital is being a drink distributor across.

Soft drinks play an essential part in the life of Nigerians. Besides being the first option of any labourer, it is the go-to drink for all sorts of events here, marriages, corporate events, birthdays, etc.

Apparently, one of the biggest producers of soft drinks in this part of the world is Bigi drinks, a subsidiary of rite foods. Thus, you might as well consider partaking in business with this huge company by becoming a Bigi drink distributor.

Bigi Drinks Available Here - Business - Nigeria

One might be curious to know why the article is limited to Bigi drinks while we have so many other companies who provide the same service to the members of the public. The reason however might not be far-fetched.

Bigi drinks have overtime won the hearts of the people, the company didn’t only come with quality but gave the community value for their money.

Bigi drinks emerged at the heart of quality and excellence and will continue to ride on this to ensure giving customers the satisfaction deserved.

Without any prejudice to any other company, Bigi drinks products are by far the most loved, consumed and highly patronized brand in Africa, most especially Nigeria. With lots of varieties being produced, the company has gained a large number of loyal customers over the years and as such, the business tends to be a lucrative and profitable one.

Having known this, let’s take a look at how to become bigi drinks distributor in Nigeria.

How To Become Bigi Drinks Distributor in Nigeria

To become a Bigi drink distributor in Nigeria, one has to be result-oriented and purpose-driven. Below are some of the highlighted procedures to becoming a distributor of bigi drinks in Nigeria.

To become a Bigi drink distributor, one has to have a depot where you sell wholesale to retailers like restaurants, hotels, corporate events and of course to shop owners who will retail the drinks.

The supply of drinks usually comes;

  •  Directly from the bottling companies;
  • From the main depots of the coca-cola company;
  • The truck drivers often work for major depots so the supply is directly from the coca-cola depot. Their numbers are found pasted at the back of their trucks.

Moreover, when running a depot one has to look after all operational aspects of the business, the supply, the delivery, the sale and ultimately the distribution of the drinks.

As expected, the supply to depots are usually from larger more established Bigi depots or directly from the bottling company.

You could offer delivery services where you don’t have to worry, you only need to contact them for the first time and then they would be coming to your doorstep to deliver the drinks, though there might be delivery costs. Alternatively, one could have his own transport to collect the drinks whenever one needs to.

Another crucial thing one must note is that when buying the drinks for the first time you have to pay for the bottles and crates of which after, you only pay for the liquid drink and provide the crates with bottles inside.

Other factors include:

Business Registration

Being registered as a company with the CAC is a crucial requirement to obtain the status of a Bigi drinks distributor/depot, where your supply will be coming directly from the bottling companies with the familiar long red-painted trucks offloading in front of the depot.

The Space of the Depot

You need a very big space preferably one that is specifically built for the purpose of storage of the drinks. It should have a parking area that could accommodate at least one long truck or two small ones and enough space in front of the storage facility/store for the movement of workers when hauling crates to and fro.

The minimum space requirement for the store is 104 meters cube in volume, which is about a 16 meters long and 3 meters wide building excluding the front space and parking area. Just enough to collect the contents of one long coca-cola truck.

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Conclusion: How To Become Bigi Drinks Distributor in Nigeria 

Conclusively, the same procedures and steps nearly apply to any other soft drinks company while applying as a distributor.

If the above factors and steps are properly taken into consideration, becoming a successful soft drinks distributor in Nigeria will be easy and profitable for you.

If you however have any difficulty in running the distribution business, feel free to visit the company to ask them a few questions as per your business. It is however expected that your shop/outlet be opened at least 12 hours a day as a distributor.

Benjamin Targba


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  1. am wunmifrom Lagos
    please I need to know how much capital do I need to start with as a mini distributor of bigi

  2. Please where is the company located at Ado Ekiti . I want to start mini depot I don’t know how to start?
    This is contact 07063054483

  3. did they have office in Ado Ekiti . I want to start mini depot I don’t know how to start?

  4. My name is Gbenga and i’m using this opportunity to tell you all who are looking for business facility to reach out to me for a business discussion

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    If you want to start drink business and you need financial backup visit and register with to raise funds for your business now


    Good evening sir/ma i am FAPOHUNDA TEMITOPE JOSEPH I want to become a Bigi cola drink distributor am from Ekiti south so please i need someone to put me through

  7. Good afternoon dear bigi company am Ibk by name am from Ibadan,I want to start mini distributor with your company pls I want you to put me through thanks

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    I want to become a Bigi distributor.This is my WhatsApp 0811569660.And to know the information

  9. In Ado Ekiti how much can I have a mini Depot and what process can I take in getting the goods

  10. I want to become a distributor in Ado ekiti pls can anybody help? 08066154548

  11. did they have office in kwara. I want to start mini depot I don’t know how to start

  12. Salaudeen Motunrayo

    How much did I need to became your distributor in osun state at osogbo … odo-otin local area

  13. Fadunmila Folakemi

    Pls where is there office here in Akure,I want to start up a mini depot so I don’t know how to start

  14. Fadunmila Folakemi

    Did they have office here in Akure,I want to start a mini depot I don’t Know how to start.

  15. pls where’s their office in Benin… pls I’ll like to have their contact address and phone number. thanks

  16. What is the minimum capital to start, where at Ibadan

  17. Anduje Hawa Blessing

    Amount to start

  18. Oloketuyi Abosede

    What is the minimum amount to start with at the company?

    1. You need roughly 2 million for a start

  19. Pls where is the company located in Ibadan? Av been trying to get there but I couldn’t get a precise answer

    1. Hello Tosin, you can contact them at 21, Oyo Road, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

      1. Fadunmila Folakemi

        Did they have office here in Akure,I want to start a mini depot I don’t Know how to start.

      2. Hello Benjamin, IAM in Rivers State where can I locate the office I want to distribute bigi product

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