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Meaning Of Wahala Be Like Bicycle

Wahala be like bicylce is a common Nigerian slang that has trended and is still trending till today. In this brief article, you will discover the meaning of Wahala be like bicycle and who first started wahala be like bicycle slang.

Nigeria is a country with so many slangs and memes that trend daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly.

It has become a normal habit of using different cruising words both in speech and on social media just to have fun.

For example, this category of Wahala slang has so many other versions of words used daily by Nigerians to catch cruise and have fun.

If you trace back you will discover it all began with “Wahala for no get husband”, “Wahala for who no get bone straight”, Wahala for who no get this or that. It later changed to “Wahala be like bicycle”, “Wahala be like Noodles”, “Wahala be like Desmond Elliot”, etc.

From there, it changed to “Wahala Wear Koi Koi”, “Wahala tie Gele/wrapper”, etc slang has refused to die. Even when it wants to, people will formulate it in another sweeter form and it begins to trend again.

As I said, there are so many cruising words with Wahala slang. So many that every day, you will still hear the new ones. For example, it is no longer, “Wahala tie wrapper”, Wahala for who no, those versions have faded.

This is often asked as a direct question or says as a sentence. Like “You say wahala be like wetin again?” or Wahala be like Okro soup, e no dey draw finish. Or, “Wahala is like copied Project or thesis, e no dey gree defend.”

Meaning of Wahala Be Like Bicycle

The common slang’ Wahala for who no get this or that was first used as an exaggerator, just to drive a point on a topic.

Like when someone shows off the latest iPhone that is achieved with huge amount of money, people will exaggerate over it and say, “Wahala for who no get the latest iPhone”. Meaning, anyone who does not use the latest iPhone is missing out.

However, the second version, “Wahala be like…” slang is used to describe the magnanimity or loftiness of a problem. When someone finds himself in a big problem with a hard solution, especially the one the person could have avoided, Wahala be like… slang will follow it.

For example, “Wahala for who no read for Exam”, “Wahala for who no get money”, “Wahala for who no get sugar daddy”, “Wahala for who no get girlfriend” and so on and so forth

Wahala be like seems to have come to stay. It has refused to leave the people’s mouths. They keep formulating one form of version upon another.

The second phase of “Wahala slang” is what is trending now. This new or second version of Wahala be like.. seems to be different from the original form.

The last version “Wahala be like this or that tends to use analogies to define trouble itself. It is just a definition given to “Problem”, Issue, Situation, and Predicament.

Like asking someone to explain what a problem is, using an analogy. The person may just go this way; “Problem is like a copied Project submitted to a Professor. It is hard to defend”.

On a second note, the slang; “Wahala be like…” is used to measure the level of problem someone is into. It could be an unending problem. Someone will say; problem be like Okro soup. E no dey draw finish.

Who Started Wahala Be Like Bicycle?

The originator of Wahala be like… slang is not known. However, it all started from Social media. Someone started it and the rest is history and it became normal slang.

Erica of BBNaija made this slang popular.

Wahala Be Like Bone Straight Meaning

“Wahala be like bone straight, e no dey gree buy” simply Means that the bone straight is the costliest artificial hair in the market. Not everyone can afford it.

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Conclusion: Wahala Be Like Bicycle Meaning

In conclusion, Wahala be like bicycle is just a normal slang used almost everywhere in Nigeria to catch cruise. The most exciting thing about this wahala be like… slang is that it never seems to fade because people formulate more versions of it daily.

I hope you now fully understand the meaning of wahala be like bicycle with all other versions wahala be like… of slang

Benjamin Targba

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